Nigerian Prelate and Author Stresses Importance of Peace and Agriculture


Rev. Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi

Monrovia – A Nigerian prelate has emphasized the need for Liberians to maintain peace and prioritize agriculture as a means of sustaining the country stable food – rice.

Report by Lisa T. Diasay, FPA Contributor

Rev. Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi is a preacher, speaker, teacher and author of several books. She spoke Wednesday, November 14 in Monrovia at programs marking her historic visit to Liberia and the official cultural honoring ceremony.

It was an honoring of the prelate for her services to humanity and God’s kingdom through impacting lives across Africa and the world.

The Reverend Mother visit came as a result of an invitation from Liberia’s Vice President Madam Jewel Howard-Taylor in order to help underprivileged Liberians.

According to Ajayi, the success of Liberia lies in the strength and power of unity, adding that, “anything outside peace should never be encouraged as a country because God is going to make Liberia to rise again”.

She pledged her fullest commitment to investing in the country’s agriculture sector through the planting of rice. She suggests that the sector will help the government achieve its goal of food production

“I will come back here to Liberia to do plant rice and we must be a part of the success of this country,” the Nigerian Prelate said.

She lauded VP Howard-Taylor and Liberia’s Culture Ambassador Julie Endee for bestowing upon her a traditional Liberian name and honoring of she and her husband.

VP Taylor then expressed joy for the female prelate’s visit to Liberia and her interest in the agriculture sector, pledging government’s fullest commitment to ensuring that the mother’s dream is achieved

“We will negotiate for a 100 acres of land for the rice planting and today we want to officially declare you and your husband citizens of Liberia,” VP Taylor said.

VP Taylor pointed that agriculture forms part of the government’s pro-poor agenda, stating that the government through the Crusaders for Peace will shortly commence a nationwide sensitization process on the essence of Liberians growing their own food to help ease the huge spending of government of Rice importation

“Our own country rice has a lot of nutrients and it is good for the body unlike the imported rice that stay longer elsewhere before reaching Liberia for consumption,” the VP said.

She observed that most imported rice and other frozen food stuffs are often expired and sent on the market for consumption, which is described as poor for the health and wellbeing of the people.

“Growing our own food will help us from getting cancer and other sicknesses because most of these come to Liberia upon getting expired and it causes damage to us, doing to those days our people didn’t eat imported food and they live longer,” she added.

She then warned against hate speeches and messages that would undermine the peace and stability of the country.

Added VP Taylor: “Let the traditional council intervene now to advice the young people and talk show host who want to create problem in our country, due to the confusion among ourselves we don’t even understand the value to the wealth we have in this country until we can focus on building our country and stop the lies this government will remain focus to transforming the country”.

Speaking earlier, Ambassador Julie Endee of the Crusaders for Peace thanked Rev. Mother Ajayi for accepting the honor, which serves as a symbol of unity and peace.

She added that the LCP stands ready to promote President Weah’s Pro-Poor agenda for Transformation and Development.

“From the day I saw the Rev. Mother In Holland during the awards night and through her message at the event I just got glued to her and I believe that she can also make a change in Liberia,” Ambassador Endee said.

Both Endee and Ajayi received HAPPA International Humanitarian Image Award 2018for their humanitarian services and stance on promoting peace and development recently at an event held in Holland.

Rev. Mother Ajai also received three separate honors from the Traditional leaders of Liberia, and the Liberia Crusaders for Peace including a name from Bong County ‘Me-ne-ki-lay Gar Hal-lah’ meaning ‘God has everything’.