Montserrado Votes: Peaceful Poll in Logan Town Despite Pre-Election Violence


Several people turned out early to cast their votes despite concern about election violence in Logan Town, an area that was a scene of stone-throwing between two rival frontrunners a day before the election

Logan Town – Voting in Logan Town, which was chaotic on the final day of campaigning, has been mostly peaceful as voters steadily turned out to cast their ballot.

Report By J.H. Webster Clayeh / [email protected]

Violent scenes in Logan Town, District #15 sparked concerns about the mood of the election when clashes ensued between two rival candidates – Abu Kamara of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and Telia Urey of the opposition coalition parties – on Saturday, July 27.

There were also concerns that the post-election day chaos would have created voter apathy since many were apprehensive about more clashes on election day. 

However, FrontPageAfrica has observed that many polling stations in the densely populated area are peaceful and people have been turning out to vote.

Voting in logan Town has been peaceful but turnout has been very slow mainly due to the rain

Prince McGee, a Polling Officer (OP) at St. Edward Catholic High School, told FPA that “everything is going as planned”.

“The process is cool since this morning we started by 8:0 clocks,” McGee said. “It was raining and so the people were not coming out and so now the rain has stopped and people are coming to vote.”

He continued: “For my area, more than 150 persons have voted and more people are still coming.

“The situation on Saturday has put no threat to people coming to vote… the process is cool and people are coming and there is no sign of violence everything is going smoothly. So, at the end of the day, more people will vote.”

Also, Charles Roberts, Supervisor of poll watchers for the four collaborating opposition parties in District #15, says the process has been calm although the rain was an obstacle.

“I think because of the rain people were not coming. As you can see, people are now coming to vote and the process is peaceful,” Roberts said.

John Momo, a resident of Logan Town added: “The rain was making people not to come out to vote but now that the rain has stopped, people are coming out and the line is not long. I never took any time for me to cast my ballot.”