Montserrado Votes: Flood, Roster Anomalies Pose Problems For Some Voters


Monrovia – Two voting precincts – Elder John Massey and Joana Antoe School in Longan Town – are currently flooded, leaving voters to express disappointment about going to the polls.

The centers are situated in District 15, where a district by-election is ongoing along with the Senatorial by-election for Montserrado County.

Ebenezer Flahn, 38, says he was on his way to the center but the water cannot allow him to go through.

“I felt weak when I saw the water and I’m thinking if I will have the strength to come back,” Flahn told FrontPage Africa more than four hours after polling had opened on Monday.

He said NEC should have done a survey to determine areas that are liable to flooding before preferring these centers.

However, Martha Karnga,32, had no problem with the flood because “it is the rainy season”.

Karnga, who had defied the flood, showed her finger already darkened with ink as a confirmation that she had already exercised her democratic franchise.

“I walked through the water because this is about my children and I should vote,” said Karnga, a marketer. “NEC did this; they should have asked what happened when the rain falls here.

Like Karnga, Jessica Toe says she couldn’t mind the water because “it is my right” adding that she wants to see “change in Montserrado”.

“I voted two persons, one as Representative and [another] Senator, I can’t say who I voted for but all I can say is I voted for change,” she said.

Anomalies: No Names, Only Photos

At Slipway community in central Monrovia, voters were furious with polling staff, who could not find their names on the roster although their photos were printed in the booklet.

Ciapha Weah,43, says he was at the center at 8:00 in the morning but he couldn’t find his name although his photo was seen in the book.

“I have been here since 8 am but the polling staff said my name is not in the book,” he said.

Four other people had a similar concern as polling staff Jeremiah Toe claimed that the problem was rare.

“We don’t know how NEC printed the book, some names are there but no pictures and some have pictures no name,” the polling staff said.

Security and political parties observers are present and due to the downpour of rain, the queues are shorter than expected.