Montserrado County District 12 Former Representative Candidate Hon. Kreplah Launches Cleaning-Up Exercise in the District


Gardnerville – A former Representative candidate of Montserrado County District 12 Prince D. Kreplah has embarked on a massive cleaning up exercise in the district to bring relief to residents of the district.

The monthly clean-up campaign was launched in the district over the weekend by Kreplah and his supporters named and styled: “Friends of Kreplah (FOK)”, who are mostly disadvantage youths in the district.

Speaking to reporters at the launch of the exercise, Mr. Kreplah said the monthly clean-up exercise is intended to make the district a safe and healthy environment void of pollution.

Mr. Kreplah also added that the initiative is a way of living up to the social responsibility citizens groups such as FOK owe to their communities in mitigating national problems such as sanitation and Hygiene crises.

“I sure you might be aware that the 1st Saturday of every month is virtually declared as a day for Liberians and everyone within the borders of our country to clean their homes, clean the Communities and clean everywhere in the country.”

Mr. Kreplah added: “So, as a part of our own efforts as a prominent resident of district#12 and as a Liberian to compliment the government, the Monrovia City Corporation, and all of the national institutions responsible  to clean our country for our people public health safety to be guarantee.”

Director Kreplah further added that the initiative is also intended to promote public health, and prevent sanitation and hygiene related diseases in the district.

“FOK is honored to have launched the clean-up initiative and I pledge to sustain this promising endeavor. This monthly clean-up exercise will promote public health, prevent sanitation and Hygiene related diseases in the district,” he said. 

Also, speaking, FOK Cyber Head, Daniel V. Carter said since 2017, Mr. Kreplah has proven to be a true son of the district, adding that the former Representative candidate has been undertaking development initiatives in the district.

“This is not our first time undertaking this initiative. We’ve been undertaking development initiatives in the district since 2017,” Carter said.

For his part, the Vice Chairman for Administration of FOK, Robert Paye said the exercise intended to make the district clean and green like other districts in the county.

” It is not only for today, every 1st Saturday in a month, we will be doing this so that we can keep our district clean, for our district to be more representable like other districts in the county,” Mr. Paye added. 

Mr. Kreplah contested the district representative election in 2017 but lost the election.