Miss Liberia First Runner Up Kindness Wilson Charity ‘Helping Hands’ Comforts The  Disabled Community And Underprivileged


In life, Some of us tend to Climb higher heights not because we want to have the heads of men buried beneath our feet, but to stretch a helping hand to elevate other’s into the realm of benefits, like What Miss Liberia First Runner up Kindness Wilson is doing with charity projects at her Foundation. So those with less opportunities based on disability and the hardship that naturally comes with life can be purposeful.

Written by Edwin Elic-Jaleiba, [email protected]

Miss Grand Gedeh Kindness Wilson whose inspiration to establish a foundation for the disabled came from her dad. “My dad is a disabled Man. You knowing yourself to have a full body, then out of no where you have an accident that leaves you with no legs or hands is very traumatizing”. Kindness began this journey with her dad’s words encircled in her mind all the time, “My dad always say that you have to be who you want to be and not wait for other people to define who you’re.”

The Monrovia city hall ballroom was lit up with charitable hearts as donors from various works of life graced the occasion. The Fundraiser was hosted by D.Frank Loboe Sr. and Co hosted by Comedian Gbanjawulu who made sure we had a night to remember as the event was smoothly anchored. Kindness Wilson dream is to be a complete solution provider by supporting education and Livelihood, She lived up to that expectation as the fundraiser was able to generate support for the disabled community and Underprivileged. In a brief interview with our correspondent, Kindness Wilson had this to say, ” I don’t have the financial strength to help these people, but my goal is to encourage people to donate so we can transform lives for good. It’s about helping disabled people with food drive, Prosthetics, Crouches and Wheelchair.”

Kindness Wilson who is from a poor background displayed the values of growing up in a family where everyone has a giving heart as her first public launch of ‘Helping Hands’ was nothing but a splendid success. In her words, ” I feel when I help people, it’s like relieving a burden off my shoulders”. Kindness Wilson who is also the CEO of KK collections, A Fashion designing company. She also doubles as a Serial entrepreneur as she owns a restaurant and entertains an army of fans as a social media influencer. Kindness who left Liberia to Ghana as an Infant, almost a year old and stayed there until she was fifteen. She graduated from college of West Africa at 16, Studied Environmental Science at Stella Maria for two years and went on to Wise brain institute to study fashion designing, graduating with a master class.

Kindness Wilson major objective in Life is to be in a position where when she gives back to people her bank account won’t hurt.