MANCO Manufacturing Company Presents US$25,000USD to Government of Liberia for At-Risk Youth


Monrovia – Liberians have been called to join hands in helping to get several youths, most of whom have been accustomed to drugs and other vices off the streets for possible rehabilitation and empowerment.

On Tuesday, the General Manager of MANCO Manufacturing Company, Assad Raef Fadel, paid his quota to this initiative when he presented a check of US$25,000 to the Minister of Youth and Sports, Zeogar Wilson, who heads a committee set up by the President for the initiative.

President Weah and development partners launched the initiative last week in a bid to raise up to US$13.8 million. Pres. Weah committed his government to provide US$1 million in support of the initiative. Mr. Fadel’s US$25,000 check presentation was in fulfilment of his promise to support the drive during the launch.

At the presentation, Mr. Fadel said there is a need for Liberians at home and abroad and businesses to reach out and help the youthful population and mentor them.

“Today we have gathered here to validate our latest contribution to our Liberian brothers and sisters (the At-Risk Youth which I personally refuse to call ‘Zogos’. They are our children and will remain our children,” he said.

He added: “Seriously, money is only a small part of the solution. My call today and I beg all the Imams, pastors, prayer moms, grandmothers/fathers, mothers and aunts/uncles, coaches, teachers, and business/government leaders here and in the diaspora to join all of us in reaching out not only to the at-risk but all of our youth that is thirsty for mentoring, leadership, the advice of right from wrong, to understand the trials and tribulations of life.”

He said community leaders such as owners of businesses, pasters and Imams should take responsibility for the growing wave of drug abuses and ghettos.

He emphasized that it is high time they all join in the fight to save the youth of Liberia.

“They are the future leaders of this country, we should not neglect them because any attempt to neglect them now, will ruin their lives and affect Liberia at large, this is the time,” he said.

He promised to keep fighting with all of his might to educate children that drugs are bad. “Don’t go there, School is Only Good and in Life as a man or a woman, any life coach will tell you, if you are getting beaten, you must plant your feet, make a stand and fight back”, he added.

The presentation of a check of $25,000 US to be donated to the At-Risk Youth Movement from Mano Group of Companies (Mano Manufacturing – Caldwell Road and Mano Palm Oil Plantation – BOMI and Cape Mount Counties) is to show love for the Country and to help protect and save the next generation of the Country, he added.

The Youth and Sports Ministry thanked Mr. Fadel for fulfilling his promise thereby supporting a national initiative.

According to him, they are getting fruitful feedback from their partners and others who are working to also make good on their respective commitments.

“We are grateful for the gesture and can assure you that the money will be used for the intended purpose”, Minister Wilson told Mr. Fadel.