LWSC Managing Director Threatens to Dismiss Employees Failing to Adhere to 100-Day Action Plan to Revive Revenue Collection


Monrovia – Duannah Kamara, the Managing Director of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation, has threatened to dismiss any employee that will be lackadaisical in the fight to ensure that the LWSC collects lawful revenues.

The LWSC Managing Director made the statement Tuesday when the corporation along with the World Bank launched a 100-day work plan to revive the revenue collection of LWSC.

“Nothing will stand in the way. Anything stands in the way, I am prepared to be dismissed. And before I get dismissed, I will dismiss. So, we have to be clear about these 100 days because it is no joke,” Kamara warns employees.

Speaking at the event, the Managing Director of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation termed the 100-day action plan to revive its revenue collection as a new beginning for the corporation.

According to the LWSC Managing Director, the 100 days action plan was recommended by the World Bank. He added that with the support of the board of the LWSC, his team is in full readiness to implement such a plan.

 “Today is a great day in the history of the Liberia Water and Sewer. We are going to make the ultimate change in the next 100 days so that this institution can be able to take care of itself,” LWSC boss said.

According to him, there are measures that will be put in place to ensure that they at the LWSC change the institution.

“We are starting a new regime to monitor all boreholes, we are starting a new regime to ensure that the meter readers go into the field with no interference, we are starting a new regime to ensure that all those in the field will do their jobs free of any interference. This is what we want to see –to cater to the public,” Kamara said.

The LWSC boss added: “We will ensure that our water treatment plants will plum the water for us. From my discussion this morning, the chemist and the operation manager said that water will plum from 5am to 7pm every day to make this plan work.”

Also speaking, Gerhardus N.A. Soppe, a World Bank Liberia office executive said it has been a long time working with the LWSC to increase the service of water supplies in greater Monrovia.

 According to him, the World Bank has invested US$14 million for infrastructure development and operational improvement adding that it is a very important moment on the part of the operational improvement.

He said: “What we want to do together with the LWSC is to see how we can support the 100 day action plan by making sure that revenues come in and with that you can also help to increase services.”