Love 113 Humanitarian Group Supports Several Health Facilities in Montserrado and Bomi Counties amidst the Fight against COVID-19 Pandemic


Monrovia – As part of efforts to eradicate the deadly coronavirus in the country, Love 113, a not-for-profit organization based in the United States of America has embarked on the donation of medical equipment and medicines to hospitals and clinics in Bomi and Montserrado Counties.

Love 113 free medical supplies in Bomi and Montserrado Counties comes at a time when the country is being challenged by the deadly Covid-19.

Bomi and Montserrado Counties are among the Covid-19 worst-hit counties. The free distribution of the medical equipment and drugs from Love 113 organization poises to boost the healthcare services in the two counties.

In Bomi County, the Jenneh #3 Clinic, Sass Town Clinic and the Liberia Government Hospital in Tumanburg were among the medical facilities that benefitted from the gesture of the Love 113 non-for-profit organization.

Also in Montserrado County, the Redemption Hospital and the Star of the Sea Clinic were the medical facilities that received free medical supplies from Love 113 organization.

Mrs. Bendu Washington is the founder of Love 113. She said her team did a medical mission in 2018 and 2019 and found out that the women and children were lacking adequate healthcare in the country.

“Seeing women and children that were suffering, really touched my heart. We saw babies with a temperature of 104 degree,” Madam Washington said.

According to her, the medical supplies came into the country by two shipments. She said the worth of the medical equipment and drugs is over four hundred thousand United States Dollars.

Madam Washington, a native of Bomi County said she was adopted by a female missionary at an early age -after her father took her along with him to see a mission Bomi County.

“She raised me until I was seven and she took me to America and she sponsored me all through grade school and college. So, I want to give back to my people. For me, it is very much important. To who much is giving much is expected. Somebody did it for me. Without asking for one cent, without knowing who I was. My organization Love 113 is based on 1st Corinthians chapter 13 which is based on love,” she said.

“If I truly love God, then it is demonstrated on what I do for my people. Politics have nothing to do with what we are doing. I get so much joy, so much excited if I can do something for somebody else.

“I don’t want to know who gets sick, I just want somebody to benefit like I benefitted yesterday, and that is my passion. My dream is to build a hospital for women and children. Not just a hospital but a state-of-the-art hospital. We are talking to some of our partners in the US. We want it to be a hospital where people can come and learn –where we can teach doctors.

Marthalyn Pajibo is one of the staff at the Jenneh #3 Clinic in Dewein District Bomi County. She praised the organization for the gesture adding that it will be used for the right purpose.

“We have been out of drugs and medical equipment for some time now. With these items, we can help to reduce the spread of Corona Virus,” Madam Pajibo said.