LongRich International Aiming to Expand Business in Liberia


Monrovia – Longrich Bioscience international, which recently registered in Liberia, is amplifying its agenda of providing Liberians with the opportunity for financial and leadership empowerment while increasing their team-building and leadership skills.

The company, which is a 33-year old multinational firm present in 138 countries, has eight research and development institutions in the United States, France, Japan, and China. It shares profits with members by giving dealers of the products to register and when they sell and recruit members, they also gained profits. 

It also produces over 2,000 products covering personal and household daily use products, along with health and wellness products. Some of the products include body lotion, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo 

The company provides the opportunity to empower individual citizens to change their financial status by partnering with them in a distributorship that enables them to utilize health-promoting products.

At the same time, it allows members of the network to expand their financial capabilities and grow sustainable wealth through building teams of healthy product users. 

Many success stories have emerged in other countries through LongRich business partnership module, including people growing from being hackers to becoming international entrepreneurs.

Zyna Obasi, a lead of the LongRich network in Nigeria who recently visited Monrovia, says business has gained popularity in Nigeria and the firm is now planning to build a US$75 million factory.

Ms Obasi, who was invited by a distributor based in Liberia, says LongRich is aiming to expand across more African countries.

“We’ve been doing some business in Liberia for more than a year, currently we have just finished our business registration process, the bank details are out and Liberia is now about to do business with LongRich,” she said.  

“We are here to stay, just like we started in Nigeria… and have stayed there for seven years, it’s not going to take us long to take over Liberia because of our members’ testimony.”

Despite the dire state of the Liberian economy, Obasi is optimistic the brand can still make inroads because of the necessity of the kind of products they trade.

“We are here to stay; we will keep talking, and we will keep changing the mindset of people…, I’m seeing a wider vision here,” she said.

“Liberians have need money but most of them don’t even know that they can do it. They are just; they’re complacent and we need to make them know – making them know the need for what they need.”

LongRich’s network also develop members’ business leadership skills and impowers them to lead teams to set and achieve goals and to challenge each other to fulfill their potentials. 

Doris Idahor, a Nigerian based in Liberia who began a partner of LongRich in February 2019, says she now has a team of about 100 people.

Many of her members who are using the product and have realized the quality and economic benefits of the LongRich products.

“Thye also learn business skills and how to communicate the opportunities to others to increase their income and help their families,” Doris said.