LMHRA Inspector-General Admonishes BOCA Graduates to Prioritize Vocational Education


MONROVIA — The Director of Inspectorate and Post Market Surveillance at the Liberia Medicines and Health Products Regulatory (LMHRA); otherwise refer to as the Inspector General, Pharmacist Teedoh Emmanuel Beyslow is admonishing high school graduates to prioritize vocational education as the first step to contributing to society while further seeking tertiary education or other disciplines.

Serving as Keynote Speaker at the 5th Senior High School Graduation Exercise of the Body of Christ Academy (BOCA), in Stephen Tolbert Estate, Pharmacist Beyslow encouraged the graduates not to be complacent of the high school diplomas; rather, they should choose a career pathway by venturing into vocational education.

Speaking on the Topic: “After High School, What Next?” the LMHRA Inspector General encouraged the young graduates not to force life by venturing to attend universities or entering into businesses that they do have the capital for; therefore, they should rather be engaged into entrepreneurship or skills education to serve as stepping stones for their dreams and aspirations in life.

“After High School, some of you might not have the opportunity to go to college or university immediately, so, go do plumbing, electricity, computer science, pastry, catering or other skills education for the immediate terms to enable you to earn money to advance your dream and also help you to contribute to society,” Inspector General Beyslow emphasized.

He continued: “Live by your Class name: “Conquerors” by conquering those challenges and difficulties that you will encounter in the larger society. After high school, is not going to be rosy or smooth; it will be rough but keep the focus.”

Mr. Beyslow, who is also a classroom teacher, further encouraged parents not to abandon their children after high school with the notion that they have played their parts or their kids are now grown enough to fend for themselves or win bread for the family.

He added: “Parents encouraged your children to push forward, do not get complacent because their future depends on how you advise them. Do not allow them to get carried away by peer pressure, therefore, stand up for your children.”

According to him, education pays a lot, however, the former classroom teacher noted that education is not smooth, it requires focus and determination. Therefore, the LMHRA Inspector General inspired the graduates, especially the females to push harder because as per statistics, they (females) are the most vulnerable in society.

He also admonished the school not to forget about the graduates because they are no longer under their care, rather, they should keep their eyes on them and encouraged them when and where necessary. He similarly also encouraged the community to help mode the minds of the younger ones.

Giving her Valedictorian address, Grace Samukai, appreciated their parents for standing with them through their high school days. She also appreciated her instructors for imparting knowledge to them and for also teaching them good moral lessons that will make them agents of positive change.

In his message to the graduating class, the Proprietor of BOCA, Bishop Dr. Jerry Banquando, said as a citizen of Liberia and a Christian leader, it is part of his responsibilities to help prepare Liberian kids for a better society. According to him, while the government is trying to prepare the country, there is a need for well-meaning Liberians to also prepare the children for the country.

Bishop Banquando further asserted that the welfare of students and better academic performance remains their top priorities, hence he encourages parents, guardians, and self-supported students to see BOCA as their best choice.

For his part, the Principal of BOCA, Pharmacist Winston Korsor, noted that education is the bedrock for development and democracy because it stresses the need for good citizenship. Therefore, if children must be good citizens tomorrow, it depends on the quality of education and discipline they acquired.

Accordingly, Principal Korsor maintained that BOCA aims at becoming one of the best institutions for academic excellence. He said their goal is geared towards meeting societal needs and also contributing to the transformation of society.

Meanwhile, Pharmacist Beyslow provided an initial amount of LD$15,000.00 to the administration of the school as his way of buttressing their efforts in molding the minds of the kids. He also provided LD$10,000.00 to the valedictorian as his way of appreciating her studious effort.

The Liberian pharmacist further pledged another LD$25,000.00 to the administration in furtherance of his contribution to the educational needs of Liberian students. Writes, Abraham Kolleh Morris, Sr.