Livestock Dealers Beg Mayor Koijee to Intervene in Land Matter


MONROVIA – Members of the livestock dealers in Liberia are calling on Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee administration at the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) to quickly intervene on their behalf after been told by some employees of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) to vacate the area.

Memeh Y. Sheriff, who spoke on behalf of the livestock dealers, told journalists on Wednesday, March 6, that for the third time, LEC employees have visited their selling area and told them that they need to look for another area to continue their business because the management of LEC is about to build one of their substations at their current spot where they have their butchery in the Cow Factory Community.

“We are making this call to Mayor Koijee to please talk to the management of LEC not to take us from this our selling place. It is through this business we take care of our families and send our children to school. If we are taken from here, we will have nowhere else to continue our business.”

According to him, where LEC wants to build its substation truly belongs to government and it’s a little distance away from where they sell their cow meat along the Somalia Drive. However, he stated that the LEC management is still asking them to leave from their present location where they have their main butchery. 

“We see no reason why the management wants to take us from our selling place. We are again calling on Mayor Koijee to please intervene for us,” he added.           

Sheriff further narrated that though LEC has asked them to leave the place but they are hearing that they want to give their place to someone, who was allegedly told that in order to get access to the place is to pass through the LEC management.