Liberia’s First Nutritional, Organic Café Opens for Business


MONROVIA – JUIN Orgabust Inc. is Liberia first and arguably the only nutritional café providing nutritional dietary meal for its clients. The business owned by a Liberian couple madam Amanda Ajami and her husband Dr. Ibrahim Ajami started up as a home prepared meal delivery business since 2019.

 In 2019, according to Mr. Ajami, she developed the motivation to invest in the business of a nutritional café when she had visited the Duala Market and saw how vegetables brought from out of Monrovia for business purposes were filled onto a truck with little buyers.

She explained how on that day, she had only US$40.00 and it was the only cash she had but took the risk to invest into the business that now stands as the only nutritional café and has products in supermarkets around town. It is located at Queens- Avenue, camp Johnson road Monrovia.

“I started this business with forty US$ 40.00. My first production was advertised through videos I normally make viewed by most of my friends who grew interest in the product of organic food and made their orders.

JUIN is a nutritional cafe that produces natural organic products from imported products and local farmers to get the best quality of food. Most of its products are locally gathered while they import few.

Established on September 1 2019, JUIN is not only a food café they provide for their clients therapy on weight management, nutritional coaching, nutritional therapy, clinical weight loss plan, personalize meal plan, sales of package.

“Our therapy is not a treatment it helps you get better, feel better. Consider us a clinic that prevents you from going to a hospital.” JUIN testimonial is the help it has provided for its client’s base by helping more than 50 persons achieve their goals in weight loss. 

About JUIN cafe

JUIN Orgaburst Inc. is dedicated to the highest quality of healthy food options delivered with pride, originality and authenticity. JUIN was established on September 1, 2019 by my husband, Doctor Ibrahim Ajami and I to offer healthy food options and increase awareness of healthy lifestyle being tied to healthy diets.

“What we have observed over the years, is that a lot of young people are not living a healthy life style due to several reasons which may include, poor dieting, stress, depression, anxiety, high cost of living and or family pressure. Now-a-day, a lot of young people are encountering.”

 The foods we eat have a tremendous impact on our immune system and overall body.  Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best things anyone can do for themselves. It’s not just important from a vanity perspective, but being overweight can cause you to be at risk for extremely serious health conditions that can cut your life short.

Healthful eating means replacing foods that contain Tran’s fats, added salt, and sugar with more nutritious options.

There’re lots of healthy food options that many Liberians in Liberia are not aware of yet due to limited information on how to prepare our local meals in a healthy way and achieve nutritional/balanced meals daily.