Liberia’s Ambassador Designate to UK Maintains She’s Liberian


MONROVIA – Her US citizenship has been an issue of discussion since she was announced Liberia’s Ambassador-designate to the United States and later the United Kingdom. 

Report by Henry Karmo, [email protected]

Reports say her nomination as Liberia’s ambassador to the US was rejected by the United States government because she carries a US citizenship.

Few weeks after Gurly T. Gibson was announced Ambassador-designate to the Court of St. James, the United Kingdom, she appeared on Tuesday, December 4, before the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee to give reasons why she should be considered by the Senate to serve as Liberia’s ambassador to the Court of St. James. 

Gurly avoided questions about her citizenship that appears to be an issue raised by some section of the media. 

“I am a Liberian,” she told journalists.

Interestingly, moments after her confirmation, a report for confirmation consideration was placed on the Agenda of Tuesday session by the three committee members, who had conducted the hearing. The three-person committee was headed by Senator Conmany Wesseh of River Gee County.

The action by Senator Wesseh is in violation of the Senate’s rules on confirmation, which calls for report to be circulated to all senators a day after confirmation proceedings. 

Senators Varney Sherman of Grand Cape Mount County raised the issue of violating the Senate standing rules but was informed by the Pro-Tempore that that the matter would be handled in executive session.

Working to Build Relationship

Making her case, the Liberian Ambassador designate to the Court of St. James, said if confirmed she will work diligently to advance President George Weah administration’s ‘Pro-Poor agenda and promote Liberian culture, values and foreign policy.

“As a general matter, the United Kingdom of Great Britain’s assistance and engagement is very critical to Liberia’s development and my mission will be to specifically boost Great Britain-Liberia relations for long-term expansion in diversifying the Liberian economy, building and solidifying confidence in public governance, and fostering tangible improvements in the lives of average Liberian pursuant to our government’s pro-poor policy,” she said.

She boasted of having huge experience in Foreign Service with past experience as Consul for Trade and Investment from 2006 to 2015 at the Liberian embassy in Washington DC. 

She also promised to ensure transparency, accountability and develop a workable relationship with the Liberian media and international media. 

She intends to embark on this drive so that Liberia’s positive image will be advanced to the international partners in the United Kingdom.

She told senators at the hearing that she and President George Weah have agreed that government must begin a period where all Liberians are part of the country’s political and social economic process and prosperity.

“If confirmed, my overriding duty will be to protect and connect with Liberians living in the United Kingdom. I will also endeavor to promote economic growth and share prosperity at home and for Liberians abroad.

“Economic growth has the potential to lift more Liberians out of poverty faster,” she added.