Liberians Express Mixed Reactions to President Weah’s Latest Single, Some Call for His Resignation to Pursue Musical Career


Monrovia – The release of President George Weah’s latest song has sparked mixed reaction from the public, with some calling on him to resign and pursue his musical career instead.

The song, titiled “Mr. Liarman” is the President’s third song he has released since this year. The first, an anti-COVID-19 awareness song, was followed by a promotional music.

The latest comes in the wake of the just ended Special Senatorial Election and national referendum where he and his party were heavily defeated.

FrontPage Africa went out to talk to some Liberians and this was what they had to say:

Eric Myers- Resident of Monrovia

“For me, I am very disappointed in President Weah. If our President wants to do music, I think it will be better that he resign from the Presidency and pursue his musical career.

The Liberian people elected the President, not based on making music –it was based on delivering his deliverable. So, if he wants to make music, he needs to peacefully turn over the Presidency and then go ahead to follow his musical career.

Since he became President, this is his third time he has made music, I am disappointed in him. The Liberian people need some changes from him now. So, if he cannot deliver the deliverables, he needs to give chance to those people that want to deliver the change.

What came to my mind the very moment I listened to that music was that the President lacks focus, he lacks direction and he got no agenda for the people of Liberia.”

Mary Kerkula- University Of Liberia Student

“Let the President focus on the real issues that are affecting the Liberian people. If he wants to be a musician let him resign and start his music career.

We cannot have a President who every time is in the studio recording music. The people voted for him to change their lives and not for him to make music.”

Henry Y. Sarlie- CDC Youth Executive in District #4 Montserrado County

“I do not see President Weah making music as a wrong thing. When I first listen to the music, I sat down as a critical thinker, I see it as a message going out to those that are in power, the CDCians, those Directors, Ministers that were appointed by the President -that lie to the President every day that thing is fine. The Liberian people are not happy. If you ask many people they will say they do not have any problem with the President but the way things are proceeding. That is, those that are around the President are making things very ugly for the President. So, the music goes directly to them.”

Some people go around the President and they just tell the President that everything is going well in the country.

The President is just one man and he does not have the chance to be going around to know everybody’s problems but many of his officials meet the President every day and they know what is happening in every community and they will only tell the good thing to the President. So the message in the song goes directly to them.

Romeo Fabuleh- Resident of Doe Community

“With the current economic situation in the country, as a President, we do not expect him to be a musician. He has now transformed from one stage to another.

He was a former footballer, he won the World Best, African Best, and the European Best- he has come into politics and it is a different area. He cannot be a musician and at the same time be a President.

There are some diplomatic things that he won’t do as a President. So, I think there are some contradictions when the President is here and there singing and at the same time, he is serving as a President.

He needs to be very focused, you see how the ruling establishment was defeated during the Senatorial election. The masses have hope in President Weah. They believed that when the CDC come to power their lives were going to transform.

Over the years CDC was favored by the people but as you can see, they are destroying every aspect of the country.

I think President Weah needs to decide whether he wants to be a musician or a President. If he wants to be a musician let him leave the Presidency. If he wants to serve as President then he has to be careful with the way he manages the state because he is going off track.”

Fasu Kromah- Civil Society Activist

“After listening to the President singing, I felt downhearted, I felt that the Presidency was reduced to nothing. It is a very responsible position and we feel that one serving in that position should serve with diligence and to act by what the Presidency calls for.

To see or listen to the President singing music in the middle of the hard economic challenges, where the masses of the people are going through hardship, where people cannot get their money from the banks- these are serious issues that any leader that is leading a country would look into instead of reducing the country to a recording studio.”