Liberian Prelate Reminds Council Of Patriots that Liberia’s Peace is Hard-earned


MONROVIA – A Liberian prelate has reminded the organizers of the June 7 protest that Liberia’s peace of toady is a hard-earned one, urging them to engage in peaceful dialogues to maintain it.

In a communication to the C.O.P., copy of which is in the possession of this paper, Prophet Sammy David commended the patriots for “a peaceful protest in Monrovia without incident.” He further indicated that their “singular act of leading a non-violent protest in the capitol of Africa’s oldest country is highly laudable and speaks to your assurances to my office when I implored you to be peaceful on the morning of June 7.”

It can be recalled that on the morning of June 7, 2019, Prophet Ambassador Sammy
David held separate meetings with Abraham Darius Dillon, Henry Costa, Benoni Urey and Yekeh Kolubah on the grounds of the Capitol building in Monrovia, urging them to engage in non-violent protests.

The Liberian prelate, who is currently the United Nation’s Eminent Peace Ambassador to Liberia as well as the Country Director of the International Association of World Peace Advocates (I.A.W.P.A.), is the founder and Senior Pastor of God’s Family Church International located in Paynesville.

He then urged the C.O.P. to remember that “Liberia is a country that many Africans look up to when it comes to Democracy and how it affects the livelihood of those governed under democratic leaderships.”

Sounding a hard note on Liberia’s hard-earned peace, Prophet Sammy David furthered that “Our peace is a hard earned one, a peace that was earned through tears and blood for fourteen unbroken years. Ours is a peace that cost us the lives of over two hundred and fifty thousand innocent lives on a premise of warfare. This peace we enjoy led to thousands of our fellow citizens fleeing to distant lands as refugees, many still in those distant lands doing menial jobs just to make ends meet for they and their loved ones, even those at home they have to cater to. 

“I call to order your responsibility as peace loving Liberians to resolve your Personal differences and move on in one accord. As His Excellency President George Manneh Weah intimated in his recent address to the nation, dialogue is the best way in seeking solutions to our national problems.”  

Underscoring dialogue as the best way to achieve long term results in a democratic society, he said “I urge you all not to let any chance to have a peaceful dialogue slip out of hand for any reason. Remember always that Liberia is all we have and its best interest should always be our call to duty. In peace we can achieve anything and in peace the greatest innovations can be much more fluent and astounding. 

“The world is leaving us behind in developmental initiatives and technological advancements. While Nigeria now thrives successfully as a cashless society, we are yet to have vibrantly digitized banking systems rife with efficiency. Are we too archaic to allow ourselves to continue living in such backwardness?

“The onus is on us now; fellow Liberians, to create a nation so well developed that handing it over to our children will be our greatest Pride. May our decisions make us Proud that we will be Proud to answer when our children asks us about the impact of such decisions. 

He then sent out an open invitation to members of the Council of Patriots for an exchange of ideas as the way forward: “As an Ambassador of Peace, my hands are always ready to indulge in Peaceful ventures to the betterment of this glorious land of liberty. Our doors are open and we are always ready to engage positively for the good of this republic.”