Liberian Man, 28, Survives Attempted ‘Trafficking’ to Europe

Sackie Dennis managed to escape being trafficked to Europe

Monrovia – A 28-year-old man on Wednesday, September 11, told reporters in Monrovia how he survived a plan to get him trafficked from Liberia to Europe by a woman. The woman is now reportedly on the run.

Sackie Dennis, who is a resident of Gbarnga, Bong County, made the revelations on the ground of the Temple of Justice where he had gone to meet public prosecutors in a bid to have his alleged trafficker arrested and prosecuted.

Explaining his ordeal to reporters, Dennis recalled that after he completed high school in June this year, he began working as a motorcyclist to save money for his college education.

He said it was during his commercial biking venture when he became acquainted with the Pheobe Flahn, the alleged trafficker. 

Ms. Pheobe Flahn allegedly attempted trafficking Sackie Dennis

Ms. Flahn was introduced to him by another lady identified as Catherine Kennedy, he recalled.

Dennis was then asked by Madam Flahn to commute her to Guinea on his motorbike. Dennis did not know the location she was heading and so he contacted another motorcyclist – familiar with the route – to join the trip. 

After a long journey, they arrived in the town of Bamacoma in the Republic of Guinea and then traveled to Nzerekore.

In Nzerekore, Dennis recalled how Ms. Flahn told him about an opportunity to travel to Europe and she encouraged him to take his chance.

He was upbeat by the suggestion and sent word back to home to his uncle to borrow him US$1,025. The money was meant to facilitate his travel to Europe.

According to Dennis, upon receiving the money he sold his motorcycle for US$500.00 and set on the journey with the suspect. They arrived in Senegal, where he was supposed to process his travel document.

While in Dakar, Ms. Flahn encouraged him that they go to the Liberian Embassy to process his travel documents.

But he said he quickly began unsatisfied with the arrangement by the alleged suspect and then decided to inform an embassy staff, Viola Johnson, who informed agents of the National Security Agency at the embassy. 

The NSA agents, according to him, then went to the home of the Liberian ambassador Maryann Fussong, where the suspect was arrested. But she later absconded.

“I was very surprised that while the woman was under house arrested at the Ambassador’s residence she was able to escape and her whereabouts is still unknown leaving me to suffer in Senegal,” said Dennis.

He claimed that Ms. Flahn is a human trafficker “but God was on my side for her plan to fail” against him.

According to Dennis, he was able to survive his ordeal in Senegal with the help of some Liberians, who were also waiting for traveling documents to travel to Europe.

Dennis said he returned to Liberia in July 2019, adding, “I came back with no money and life is now unbearable for me.”

“Presently my uncle is behind me to pay back his money; therefore, I am appealing to the government and any well-meaning Liberian and foreign partners to come to my aid to re-settle me and pay back my uncle’s money.”  

Dennis’ revelation of escaping an alleged human trafficking comes a day after US Ambassador to Liberia Christine Elder called on the Liberian government to form concerted effort in order to tackle human trafficking in the country.