Liberian: ‘I’ve Never Been Involved with Robbery or Counterfeiting’ – Hallie Ndorley Speaks Out


MONROVIA – Hallie A. Ndorley, the 48-year-old Liberian national recently arrested in Canada for alleged counterfeiting and robbery, dismissed the allegations by the Toronto Police.

Ndorley who is currently on bail told FrontPageAfrica that he has never been involved with armed robbery as there is no such record on him.

“They claim I was involved in armed robbery and was in possession of a firearm, but when they searched my house, they never found any firearm. If they had any evidence of robbery on me, or a history of robbery and had a firearm in my house, they wouldn’t have granted me bail,” he said.

Though admitting to having some false money in his apartment, he said those were prop money that artists normally use for stage performances and music videos and also used at weddings. “I don’t indulge in counterfeiting. I’m well known in the Liberian community here and no one has any such testimony of me,” he said. He also explained that the cut pieces of paper and inks found in his apartment are materials he uses for his artwork.

He explained that the entire saga started when he had engaged his partner for a restaurant business for his just dividends, which, according to him, had not been forthcoming.

“Honestly, I got angry with his attitude towards me and approached him aggressively that I didn’t want to be part of the business any longer and wanted my money. But he reported to the police that I took firearm on him to rob him and that I am involved in black money,” he explained.

He asked rhetorically, “Why didn’t the police find firearm in my apartment? It just a calculation by his business partner to destroy me since he cannot account for my investment in the restaurant business,” he said.