Liberian Based in the U.S. Helps Underprivileged Kids Get Free Education


MONROVIA – What started as a simple rescue mission and personal financial assistance to some underprivileged kids in the Thinkers Village community by Mrs. Felecia K. Gworlekaju is now turning into a dream institution of learning for many kids who are under privilege or less fortunate.

 This dream, according to her, started with little over 40 kids who benefited from financial assistance for school fees from her pay check.  Ms. Felecial who resides in the US with her family said, helping people in need has always been her dream from childhood.

“As a kid I lived with my Aunt who taught us the befit of giving.  At that age, I and some of my siblings didn’t understand the importance. We grew up knowing that sharing is a blessing and that is the kind of up bring she left with us and that is what I have follow through.”

Of the 42 kids, Felecial has a dream of opening a school of kids in those condition. She now have all of her scholarship students under one roof and is not providing the assistance in another form to more than one hundred kids.

In spite of her willingness of wanting to continue her self-help initiative, she is face with a challenge which is funding. She say if she must do more kids she  cannot  do it alone because her paycheck is just not enough to carter to herself and that of the kids because the number has increase. She is seeking outside assistance. On Friday, at a fundraising program, she called on Philanthropists, and concern citizens to help support a renovation project of the structure housing the kids.

“I have a vision of exploring this initiative in other parts of the Country and upgrading the school to high school level. We want to be able to help children especially this less fortunate who parents cannot afford because of their economic condition that is our vision.”

Currently, there are close to two hundred kids enrolled at the KONA Rescue Mission Academy with ages ranging from as low as 1 to 14 years old. According to her at the start of the program the kids were served cooked meal but that has stop because of funding challenge.

 “Our vision is to get less fortunate children off the streets and community to be educated,” she stated.