Liberian-American Based Human Rights Advocate Proposes Formation of New Nation that Guarantees Equal Opportunities for All

Rev. Torli H. Krua, Founder of Universal Human Rights International, in an open letter to the 54th Liberian Legislature, called for a public hearing on his research uncovering “200 years of lies and deception responsible for systemic corruption, massacres, poverty, etc in Liberia.” He also called for the adoption of a new Constitution that promotes participatory democracy to replace the current one he described as a corrupt document designed to enslave and oppress ordinary Liberians while empowering and enriching politicians.

Monrovia – The Founder of the Universal Human Rights International (UHRI), Reverend Torli H. Krua has called for the establishment of a new Liberian Nation that guarantees security, prosperity and equal opportunities for all of its citizens.

Rev. Krua, in an open letter to the Liberian Legislature said, he has uncovered 200 years of documentary evidence that Liberia, contrary to what is written by historians, was colonized by the United States of America in partnership with the defunct American Colonization Society (ACS) to oppress, dehumanize and destroy the lives of the Liberian people because of racism.

“Contrary to all we have been taught and told for two centuries, Liberia is an American Colony created by the United States Government in partnership with ruthless American Slave Masters and white supremacists to keep African Slaves in bondage in America, enrich and empower American and Liberian politicians while trapping Liberian citizens in poverty and misery forever,” Rev. Krua wrote in his communication.

“We present irrefutable documentary evidence to prove that progress in Liberia is impossible unless the truth extricates colonial Liberia from centuries of bondage and brings to birth or regenerates a new nation that guarantees security, prosperity and equal opportunities for all citizens.”

In his letter, he noted that following the UHRI discovery of the truth, “the organization is prepared not only to uncover the truth or make noise about its discovery but also to mitigate 200 years of damages by bringing an end to the deception, dehumanization, colonization, poverty, injustice and a fresh start for a new authentic African nation; Regeneration and Renewal.”

This, according to him could be done through a public hearing before the Legislature and the Liberian people, holding of a sovereign national conference, crafting and adoption of a new constitution designed by the people, not politicians and the election of public servants in the new nation.

Rev. Krua is a native Liberian of the Dan ethnic group from Nimba County, the north-eastern region of Liberia. He sought refuge to America in the 1990s at the height of the Liberian civil war.

His revelation is in stark contrast to the history of Liberia. Throughout its existence, Liberia prides itself as not just the first independent nation on the African Continent, but the only country not to have been colonized.

According to him, although Liberian and American Politicians boast of a long friendship between America and Liberia, the benefits enjoyed by citizens from countries with no ties to America seems to always be better than the ill-treatment ordinary Liberians get from American and Liberian Politicians.

Citing several instances, he stated that over 22 million citizens from 38 countries travel without a visa to America yearly, while the US Embassy in Monrovia earned millions of dollars from nonrefundable fees of visa denied poor Liberians seeking to visit the USA for family or business reasons. 

In West Africa, he stated that the visa refusal rate for Liberians is far higher than its neighbors in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone. The Liberian Civil War, he added, was plotted, funded and executed from America by American Citizens and American Persons with Green Cards.

Even so, refugees of the Liberian civil war were denied access to humanitarian assistance in America for decades, he said.

Writing further, he mentioned that 10 Presidents of Liberia were American citizens born and educated in America, adding in 2020, most Liberian politicians are American Citizens or American Persons with permanent residency in the United States.

“Why shouldn’t the opportunities of access to education, healthcare and business these Liberian politicians enjoy must also be extended to all Liberians? Yet corrupt Liberian politicians take refuge in America,” he said.

According to him, America has spent billions of dollars on building Afghanistan and Iraq, countries with no ties to America, and despite Liberian politicians and their families enjoying opportunities in America, the Liberian People, “who built America and have been exploited for centuries by America cannot even lay eyes on America.”

America, he furthered, extracts Liberia’s mineral resources but the roads across Liberia are impassable for centuries, noting that People of Liberia need to know the truth because only the truth will set them free.

For 200 years, Krua stated that American Politicians, missionaries and businessmen have worked with Liberian politicians to tell lies and inflict ongoing damages against Liberians, adding “two hundred years of oppression are more than enough for colonization, dehumanization and banishment of human beings simply because of a colorful design of our Creator. There is time for everything under the sun.”

Change of Constitution

Meanwhile, Rev. Krua, has called for the adoption of a new constitution that promotes participatory democracy to replace the current one he described as a corrupt document designed to enslave and oppress ordinary Liberians while empowering and enriching politicians.

“The entire system of representative democracy in Liberia initiated by the United States of America and its partner, the ACS is corrupt by design. It must be replaced with a new constitution of participatory democracy, designed by the people to empower the people, not the politicians and to guarantee security and equal opportunities for all Liberians,” he said.

Denouncing the oath of office prescribed by the Liberian Constitution, Krua noted that it gives politicians unwavering commitments to the flawed constitution and now  was the time for a radical shift in Liberians’ allegiance from a colony turned into a fake state conceived in deception and lies.

“With this knowledge and truth uncovered, we firmly believe it’s the People of Liberia, not the American Colony of Liberia that deserve your undivided allegiance and loyalty, notwithstanding your oath in ignorance to the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia, which is really a derivative of the constitution of the American Colony of Liberia.”

“Truth Uncovered”

Meanwhile, in a bid to prove his arguments, the Founder of UHRI outlined 12 key points he termed as lies and deceptions that have been told for 200 years. FrontPage Africa summarize five of his 12 points as written in bold letters.

“Liberia was never colonized by any country in the world”

Contrary to this statement, Krua stated that America owes all Liberians a duty of care because Liberia is an American Colony created in the USA by the US Government in partnership with the American Colonization Society (ACS), “a group of white supremacists, slave owners and high ranking US Government officials- from the White House to Congress and the Supreme Court.

His claim, he said is also based from the second annual report of the ACS which was crystal clear about its goals: “…as is most confidently believed, the colonization of the free people of color, will render the slave who remains in America more obedient, more faithful, more honest, and, consequently, more useful to his master, is it proper to regard this happy consequence to both, as the sole object which the Society hope to attain…”

He furthered that on March 3, 1819, an Act of Congress, known as “The Act In addition To Acts Prohibiting The Slave Trade,” authorized the US President James Monroe [also an ACS member] to use the US Navy, appoint and pay US Agents to be stationed in the colony (Liberia) and appropriated US$100,000 to pay the ACS for the creation of the American Colony of Liberia.

On Jan 31, 1820, the first batch of free African Americans set sail on the ship, Elizabeth from New York as employees of the US Navy to build barracks in West Africa for the US Navy.

The Elizabeth was escorted by the U.S.S Cyane, a US Navy Vessel and the Trip cost American taxpayers $33,000.00 (besides the cost of the convoy of the U.S.S. Cyane).

Only white governors were appointed by the US Government and ACS ruled Liberia from 1820 to 1841, he said; adding that the American flag was proudly hoisted over the colony of Liberia, a US Naval base for decades, while the Liberian Constitution of 1824 recognized all inhabitants of Liberia as having the rights of citizens of the United States.

The deed for the land bought for the settlers, he noted, bears the signatures of US Navy Captain Robert F. Stockton and Navy Doctor Eli Ayers. The US Flag was hoisted and the Navy fired gun salutes on April 25, 1822 when the land deal was done.

“Liberia was founded by freed slaves from America who wanted to return to live in Africa.”

Debunking this statement, Krua wrote that, with the declaration and promise that “all men are created equal,” generations of free blacks born in America who helped to build the country and fought in the American revolutionary war had no familiarity with Africa nor any desire to move to Africa.

Citing the July 26, 1847 Liberian Declaration of Independence, he said free blacks were coerced, abused, dehumanized, denigrated, deported and denied their civil rights because of white supremacism and official racism. Free African Americans were in fact American refugees granted asylum in the colony, he noted.

In the United States, he noted that European Immigrants who were white supremacists began chipping away at the freedom of all American People of Color (Native Americans, Blacks and mulattos) immediately after independence in 1776.

The original United States Naturalization Law of March 26, 1790, he noted limited US citizenship to only white European Immigrants ( …white persons with good character..”). Thus America excluded and continues to exclude Native Americans, indentured servants, slaves, free blacks and later Asians.

“The United States breached its duty of care in the colony of Liberia that it helped to create and fund by failing to extend the jurisdiction of US Courts to the colony. America delegated its duty to a group of ruthless white slave masters with a history of selling, owning and abusing people of color to govern the colony,” he wrote. 

According to him, the Collusion of the US Government with top US Officials who were the ACS’ founding fathers of Liberia and also slave owners created a fertile ground for massacres, torture, violence and endemic corruption.

Liberia, he argued, could not have been founded by freed slaves because Liberia was founded in 1819 and the slaves were freed 44 years (January 1, 1863) by the Emancipation Proclamation of President Lincoln in 1863.

“No action of Congress has been initiated to counter the harm Congress initiated and continues to fuel through its support of corrupt governments in Liberia. The harm cannot be allowed to continue forever-it must be mitigated.”

“The American Colonization Society (ACS) was a good organization that helped freed slaves and settle them in Liberia.”

Opposed and criticized by most free blacks and American abolitionists both Blacks and Whites, the UHRI founder noted that the ACS was a racist organization with all of its members (white only) who abused their public offices in establishing Liberia to protect their private properties- the slaves.

ACS members kept Africans in bondage in America forever while working to create an American Apartheid, he claimed.

Delving into Liberian history, he recalled from 1820 to 1841, the ACS undemocratically appointed only white governors to rule Liberia without the consent of the governed.

He mentioned that the entire white membership and leadership of the ACS were white supremacists who set up an undemocratic and corrupt system of governance in Liberia in order to oppress free African Americans in the colony of Liberia and enriched and empowered white Liberian political leaders. 

“After 200 years of corruption by design, the uncovering of truth will awaken the Liberian people to get ready to make change and stop making noises and criticizing Liberia’s old colonial system, which was designed to be corrupt: Matt 12:33 “…a corrupt tree can’t bear good fruits…good tree can’t bear corrupt fruits,” Rev. Krua said.

The Government of the United States is our best friend-the father of Liberia. America is not our colonial master.

Expressing his opposition to this statement, Krua contended that America is not a friend of Liberia because slavery and oppression of Africans are not in Liberia’s best interests.

He said America, the creator of Liberia not only owes all Liberians a duty of care, because America breached its duty of care resulting in ongoing damages, America must atone for its transgressions, make public confession, engage in genuine repentance, initiate reasonable restitution and begin to build a good relationship with all Liberians.

From the March 3, 1819 Act of Congress that supported the “removal” and colonization of Americans (free men of color) to Dec 20, 2019-the Liberian Refugee fairness Act and the 200th anniversary of Liberia on Jan 31, 2020, the author claimed that America continues its practice of officially sanctioned racial discrimination against Liberians.

This, he claimed is being done through several faucets including the disproportionate visa denials and extortion of non-refundable visa fees in millions of dollars from poor Liberians, denial of access to humanitarian assistance to Liberian Refugees and denial of work permits to Liberian Refugee Mothers of American born children airlifted by US Marines during Operation Shining Express and abandoned without access to humanitarian assistance or work permits for decades, among others.

“US President, James Monroe was a good man who helped free slaves, gave his money for freed slaves to settle in Liberia. Monroe deserved the honor of the name change of our capital city from Christopolis, ‘City of Christ’ to Monrovia, ‘City of Monroe’.

According to him, it was American taxpayers’ money (US$100,000) unlawfully spent to colonize free Americans just to get rid of free Blacks born in America to make room for European Immigrants.

Despite staunch opposition by several Americans including Attorney General Hon. William Wirt as contained in the Opinion of the Attorney General #229 dated October 14, 1819, Congress paid the ACS US$100,000 and authorized President James Monroe to use the US Navy in the colonization scheme.

He also claimed in his paper that President Monroe was a ruthless slave master who owned 240 slaves in his lifetime.

According to him, In July 1826, two years after Monrovia was named in Monroe’s honor, two of Monroe’s slaves, named George and Phebe ran away to be free and the President paid for a newspaper advertisement offering a $10 reward for arresting and returning his slaves.