Liberia:MK Law Offers Scholarships to Two Students from Monrovia Demonstration Elementary School


Monrovia – Smiles could not cease from the faces of students Fatoumata Kiazoulu and Rancy Williams as both were awarded scholarships to continue their grade school at the BWI Harris High School after performing excellently in essay competition.

The scholarships to the two students were made available by MK Law, a renowned Law Firm operating in Virginia, the United States of America.

The donor of the scholarship was inspired after Mwetana, a Consulting and Technology Group took six graders of the Monrovia Demonstration Elementary School to Logos Hope, the World’s largest floating library in late March of 2022.

The trip got MK Law inspired to sponsor an essay competition and provided the prizes for winners of the competition.

MWETANA is Liberia’s oldest IT firm with expertise in application development, mobile development, data center design, infrastructure networking, server configuration, cloud technology and among others. MWETANA has deployed cutting-edge solutions for the Government and private sector.

Madam Maureen Sieh speaking at the event praised the two students for the splendid academic performance they showcased during the competition.

Giving the award, Madam Sieh cautions student Fatoumata to focus on her lesson and get away from things that will hamper the learning process.

“This is just the beginning. If you do well your sponsor will pay your school fee to Cuttington University. You have to be ‘A’ student and your college fee will be paid,” Madam Sieh said. 

Also, Madam Sieh told student Rancy to remain studious adding that more scholarships await him in the future if he makes good grades.

The essay competition was held and student Samuel Ellis won first place while student Teddy Bah won second place. Also, student Anthony Paygar won third place. They are all six graders.

First place winner received a backpack and three books that were purchased from the Logos Hope, the world’s largest floating library.

Receiving the awards, a statement from Betty Kolleh, of MK Law in Virginia, USA was read by Madam Sieh. Kolleh is a graduate of the College of West Africa and an alumna of Cuttington University.

Madam Sieh, reading the statement on behalf of Madam Kolleh said: “Growing up in Liberia, I looked forward to getting a new book from friends or from the little bookstore near the Ministry of Education. Reading all sorts of books stimulated my imagination and expanded my understanding of the world. It helped me develop language and listening skills and prepared me to understand the written word. I hope that this spurs the journey of where your imagination can take you.”