Liberia: Youth and Sports Minister Wants Sports Development Tax Introduced To Develop The Sector


Monrovia – The Minister of Youth and Sports D. Zeogar Wilson says there is a   need to have a sports development tax in Liberia which he believes will bring about development in the sector.

According to Minister Wilson, sports can’t be developed in Liberia from exclusive budgetary appropriations.

Speaking recently at the dedication of the Invincible Sports Park, the former Mighty Barrolle goalkeeper emphasized that be it existing tax structures or so, to build infrastructures and to develop the sector like other counterparts, sports tax is the right way to go.

“I appeal to Lawmakers to have a paradigm shift in the promotion and development of sports in Liberia “, he added.

Commenting on the new sporting facility, the Youth and Sports Minister pointed out that he was not surprised about the project especially the vision bearer because according to him, the Chief Patron of Sports, President George Weah’s passion for sports development and the vision for his country, Liberia is unmatched.

“I know how you stand for sports development in Liberia including the development of the country in general because I was there with you as a goalkeeper, Assistant Minister, and now Minister of Youth and Sports “, he narrated.

Minister Wilson stressed that the invincible park is just the beginning of more modern facilities to come in order to help develop the game in the Country but was also quick to point out that Sports Development Tax is the surest way to successfully succeed.

He however used the occasion to encourage the community dwellers and Liberians in general to take ownership and full responsibility for the maintenance and protection of the new facility.

“It is your own, so do your best to guide and protect it”, he urged the happy beneficiaries.

His statement was re-echoed by former Invincible Eleven President and former Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Mambu Richards who emphasized the need for such facilities to be decentralized across the Country.

He hailed President George Weah for the initiative and also recommended the need for the construction of a national stadium in the country, especially when the Samuel Kanyan Doe Sports Stadium is just the one and only, the Country can boost of currently.

“It is about time that sports should take its rightful place in the Country mainly when the Country has a President, George Weah whose background in sports is very solid including other senior government officials to include: Youth and Sports Minister D. Zeogar Wilson and many others”, he disclosed.

“When the iron is hot, it is the right and proper time we need to beat it in order to improve and develop the sector so that History can remember us”, he noted.