Liberia: Weasay Community Road Gets Rehabilitated; As Residents Applaud Representative Thomas Fallah for his Intervention


Monrovia – As the Weasay Community road gets rehabilitated; Saybah Kromah, 34, a mother of 2 and a resident of the Weasay Community says for too long they have endured bad road conditions and that has the hampered their economy’s growth and has also inflicted wounds on many residents including pregnant women.

Weasay, a community located in the Fiamah area, Sinkor. The only road leading in into a community with an estimated population of 5,000 inhabitants has longed been a nightmare Kromah told FrontPage Africa over the weekend.

She applauds Montserado County District#5 Representative and Senatorial aspirant Thomas Fallah for his intervention as the deplorable road has gotten a facelift.

On August 2, 2020, Representative Fallah visited the Weasay Community and met with some of the residents. The issue of rehabilitating the Weasay Community road was high on their agenda, Kromah said.

“Over 50 years, the inhabitants of Weasay Community have suffered from bad road condition, but, through Representative Fallah timely intervention, at least today, we can boast that we now have our road in good condition,” kromah said.

“This road you see here so, because of the deplorable condition, many people including pregnant women used to fall from on motorbike on this road. When you tell motorbike riders that you are coming in Weasay, they will tell you that they are not coming in Weasay Community.”

“So, the fixing of this road has contributed so much to our economic growth. Because of this road, the number of motorcyclists, tricyclists, vehicle owners, and business owners are now free to carry on their business activities. We the people of Weasay Community are so happy. We want to tell Representative Fallah thank you for helping to pave our road, she stressed.

Sheik Lusine Kweyete is another resident. He says the rehabilitation of the Weasay Community road is a breakthrough for them.

Kweyete added: “Representative Fallah is not a representative of our district but leaving from district five to come district nine and down to our community is something that we did not expect. So, seeing this road today is so much astonishing.”

Mathew Roberts is another resident in the Weasay Community. He narrated that the rehabilitation of the Weasay road was in the plan of the late Montserado County District#9 Representative Munah Pelham-Youngblood.

“The late Munah Pelham-Youngblood may her soul rest in peace. She had this road project on her plan. But because of the illness and all of the difficulties leading toward her death, she was unable. However, we now have Representative Fallah who came to our aid.