Liberia: Watkins Initiative For Nations Rejects Princess Cooper’s Autopsy Report


MONROVIA – The Watkins Initiative for Nations (WIN) vehemently rejects the autopsy report released by the Government of Liberia. The report leaves more questions than answers. TB does not treat a person given the circumstances of Princess Cooper’s death unlike the person who has defunct on treatment or experienced multidrug resistance. 

If the government is real to TB as the cause of death of Princes, why didn’t you speak of the next steps toward ensuring that those who came in contact with Princess are being notified, tested and placed on treatment if found positive including her boy friend and immediate friends? It is alleged that Princess had gone to carryout catering services at a wedding before receiving a call that reportedly resulted to her death, according to friends and family sources. Had the government reach out to the wedded couple or is that off given the danger that TB could pose to the health of everyone.

We believe the government needs to be very transparent in the disclosure of information. 

The cause of Princess’ death is still uncertained because there are people and institutions linked left out of the investigation and enough has not been done to bring the perpetrators to book.

We are more doubtful and believed the government is hiding something and such needs to be dogged out.

We felt  so bad watching the moment the pronouncement was made by the government. 

How can someone call and say they are killing me and doctor(s) in Liberia are say that she died of natural death. Where is the hard drive from the CCTV photage? Even if it’s NATURAL or MYSTERIOUS, don’t u think it’s where we could get an idea of her last minutes or perhaps where all she went through and to whom did she go during her stay at the FARWAZ building, before she was found dead at the back? Police Spoke man told the public they had since requested the photage from the CCTV from the management of the FARWAZ. Where we left all of these before coming up with such conclusion…

We encourage the family of Princes Cooper to do the following:

1.  Join us reject the report because it’s uncleared and it seems to be the highest level of injustice meted against Princess Cooper, our daughter,  your love one, a citizen of great potential who was denied the right to live. You must reject this report because it’s a complete disrespect to Princess. You can do this so we believe you will.

2. Demand her call logs through the court from the mobile company she was subscribed to.

2. Demand that her boyfriend, friends and family members who spent more times with her get tested for TB. If she died from TB all of them may have it. It’s a communicable disease.

A next step could be determined from that approach.