Liberia: Watkins Initiative For Nations Handover Pump To Gaye Town Community

Mr. Watkins and community residents jointly cutting the Ribbon to hand over a pump to Gaye Town Community

MONROVIA – Mr. Y. Solomon W. Watkins, a Liberian journalist as head of a pro-democracy, and community empowerment organization, named and styled: “Watkins Initiative for Nations (WIN),” has constructed and dedicated a six headed pump to benefit over 7,000 residents of Gaye Town. The Liberian Journalist had earlier donated several anti-coronavirus assorted items to residents of the community including buckets, barrels, drums, flayers, nose masks, stickers to protect residents against the virus.

Gaye Town Community is one of the densely populated communities located on the Old Road in District 10, Montserrado County, Liberia. It has more than seven thousand residents with limited access to pure, safe piped bone water like many communities in District 10.

In helping to address the need base on request by the community, assessment and technical review by WIN Project Team, the Watkins Initiative for Nations has constructed and dedicated to the community a new water facility over the weekend. This marks the second Water facility constructed and dedicated by WIN. The first was dedicated to residents of Tarr Town Community in the same vicinity.

The construction is part of the Watkins Initiative for Nations (WIN)’s “Standing with Our People (SWOP)” project, targeting about 52 communities in Montserrado County, especially District 10.  The project development objective (PDO) is to increase the population access to pipe water supply services provided by the Liberia Water and Sewer Cooperation (LWSC) and to undertake sanitation activities in the project areas as well as help reduce health complications in the project areas.

Cutting the Ribbon, Mr. Watkins said he’s always motivated to give back to his country especially now that Liberia is facing a challenging economic situation. He further assured residents of the district for his continues support toward them. According to him, WIN in the coming weeks and months will increase the population access to piped water supply services provided by the Liberia Water and Sewer Cooperation (LWSC) given the increasing rate of Covid-19 in the country.

“We will continue to give you water because we know what it means to do so. My hope is for all communities in this area to be reached with safe drinking water, and we know with God above we will achieve that plan,” Mr. Watkins stated.

Old Road Community (District 10) is currently the second-high burden areas to confirmed Covid-19 cases.

Many residents of Gaye Town community believed the construction of the pump will significantly help them during the fight of COVID 19 as well as the assorted items donated. Some believed that with the pump they will get access to quick drinking water and water to wash their hands.

Speaking during the dedicatory ceremony for the pump, Mr. Roland Johnny, Vice Chairman for Administration of Gaye Town Community acknowledged the donation of assorted items and thanked the Watkins Initiative for the construction of the pump. According to him, the construction of the pump is a timely and innovative intervention undertaken by the Watkins Initiative for Nations, amidst the fight against Coronavirus/COVID-19.

According to him, Water is very much essential element for everyone and the one who provided it, has given life so is with the Watkins Initiative for Nations.

“I like to say many thanks to you Mr. Y. Solomon W. Watkins and the entire team that worked to ensure this pump is completed. Water is life and to admit, you have given us life. We will remember you for this effort. We hope you should continue this effort,” the Gaye Town Community VP for Administration noted.

Mr. Rufus Chea, Vice For Operation, also thanked the Watkins initiative for the construction of what he termed as the life saving facility for the community. “We continue to hear and benefit from the many good things you are doing in our district and to see you reach our community, makes me very proud of you my dear brother. Please keep doing your best,” Mr. Chea expressed.

Crowning it all, Madam Yatta Harmon, Chairlady of Gaye Town Community thanked the Watkins initiative for the job well done, noting that, “I want to say thank you my son. Keep doing good because good has a way to pay you back.”