Liberia: ‘Victimized’ Land Dealer Demands Justice


Monrovia – Property dispute in the Pipeline Community in Paynesville, outside Monrovia, has left an eye of a notorious land dealer, Johnny Hills, “damaged.”

Police have arrested two persons, Isaac Gboking Jr. and Isaac Gboking Sr. in connection with the attack on Hills. 

Gboking Sr. and Jr, charged with criminal attempt to commit murder in connection with the case, was Wednesday, September 18, forwarded to the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice where they were ordered detained at the Monrovia Central Prison pending prosecution.

Hills, according to the Police charge sheet, had gone with court officers from the Civil Law Court at the Temple of Justice to serve a writ of possession on Isaac Gboking after the court had ruled in his favor in a case over a disputed property in the Pipeline Catholic Junction.

According to the police, while the court officers were executing the court’s order, Hills was in front of the disputed property house fence when Gboking’s son came out and spilled his face with a liquid substance he had in a small cholera bottle. The liquid he spilled on face of Hills is believed to be an acid.

The police continued that after Gboking Jr had committed the act he ran out of the area and was pursued by angry bystanders from the community who grabbed and beat him and in the process police in the Pipeline Community was informed and took possession of him while those who were beating him fled.

According to the police during investigation with the two defendants both of them denied the allegation and claimed that they do not know how Hills got his injury but court officers on the scene of the incident admitted that it was Gboking Jr, who allegedly committed the act.

“Isaac Gboking and son were charged with criminal attempt to commit murder, aggravated assault and criminal facilitation based upon the witnesses testimonies,” added the police.

Hills explaining his ordeal to this paper at the Temple of Justice Wednesday, September 18, stated that Isaac Gboking was his neighbor and because he was driven from a churchyard, he decided to assist him to occupy his house over seven years ago until he is ready to complete it.

The victimized land dealer stated that when he was ready for his house, Gboking refused to give his house and claimed that the property was his, this is how he took him to the Civil Law Court where the case won him and when he took an appeal to the Supreme Court the case again won him and the high court ruled for him to take possession of his property and while in the process of taking his property back acid was sprayed in his eye by the son of Gboking.

According to Hills after the incident, he flew to Ghana for treatment where he spent over US$4,000 for treatment but doctors in that country revealed that he will not be able to see with the affected eye.

“I brought this man to court, he was charged and sent to jail but I learned that his lawyer is trying to secure a bond for him. This is injustice; I need justice. I am appealing to the government for justice,” said Hills who demanded that the perpetrators of the act must be punished because they have damaged a breadwinner of a huge family.