Liberia: Unity Party Youth, COP Endorse Henry Costa for Running Mate to Joseph Boakai as Boakai Remains Tightlipped


MONROVIA – The Council of Patriots (COP) has issued a statement calling on former Vice President Joseph Boakai to select Mr. Henry Costa as his running mate because, according to them, he is the best fit to represent the youthful generation.

Mr. Joseph Vallai, who is the COP Secretary-General and also a youth of the oppositng Unity Party stated at a news conference on Thursday that Mr. Costa has positioned himself as a force to be reckoned with in shaping public opinion, and his selection at this time in the country’s history is something that will be celebrated by the public.

“Even the Unity Party went looking for him in the second round of the 2017 general and Presidential elections. George Weah was made a laughingstock at some point by Unity Party partisans when Costa rejected the move to CDC for UP. Costa has always been an impressive partner on every team he sits, and the UP and even his haters know that.”

The Unity Party stalwart believes that, at 41, Mr. Costa will be the youngest Vice President ever in the history of Liberia, and will be the brand that all young people will rally around. “Blending a 78-year-old Joseph Boakai with a 41-year-old firebrand Costa will send a sharp wave across the country. It will be hypocritical for us to be after the youthful votes in the country but at the same time think that young people have no space in the leadership of the country. Losing Costa over this bickering will be the worst decision the UP and Boakai will make.”

Vallai also referred to Mr. Costa’s social media influence as something that could add to Mr. Boakai’s re-election bid. “Far or near, Costa’s wave touches every life on social media, the new normal globally. Whether in the villages or hamlets of Liberia, Costa’s message on his platform reaches hundreds, if not thousands, of young people who have android phones and are online daily. This is a massive feat.”

“The Unity Party and Liberia will not regret bringing the youthful exuberance of Henry Costa to the Vice Presidency as we rally our country for a better and broader opportunity for all.”