Liberia: U.S. State Department Acknowledges Progress in Fisheries Sector


United States of America – The United States State Department has recognized efforts by the Authorities of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) in restoring Liberia’s fisheries to their pre-war status. In the US State Department 2022 report on Liberia, it was indicated that “the fishing industry, long dormant compared to pre-war levels, is making improvements that should make it more attractive for investment.” 

This comes in a wake of tremendous reforms and the establishment of improved investment and legal regimes by the Government of Liberia through the management of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority to make the sector attractive.

A comment in the Executive summary of the Report is a clear indication that “much has been done to transform the Liberian fisheries sector that has enormous investment opportunities for economic development”.

The US State Department report also indicated that despite the numerous investment challenges in Liberia, the Country is rich in natural resources and has large expanses of potentially productive agricultural land and abundant rainfall to sustain agribusinesses.

This statement according to a NaFAA press release, substantiates NaFAA’s previous calls for Liberians and International investors to take advantage of the unmatched potentials for investment opportunities in the Liberian Fisheries.

Responding to the US State Department Report, NaFAA’s Director General, Madam Emma Glassco, reaffirms the Government’s commitment to ensuring that starting up an investment in the fisheries sector remains seamless, in keeping with current investment policies.

Hon. Glassco furthered stated that NaFAA remains committed to the sustainable management of the fish resources thus ensuring that all international instruments are applied and enforced.