Liberia: Tubman University Observes 8th Graduation Convocation in Harper


HARPER, Maryland County – The William V.S. Tubman University has observed its 8th Graduation Convocation Saturday, June 12, 2021, and graduated 236 students with Bachelor degrees in several disciplines.

William V.S. Tubman University was revamped from Tubman College to Tubman University in 2009, under the regime of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Tubman University currently contains six colleges comprising the College of Health Sciences, College of Management and Administration, College of Agriculture and Food Sciences, College of Engineering and Technology, College of Education and College of Arts and Sciences.

TU 8th Graduation Convocation was graced by some members of southeastern local and national authorities, to include Superintendents, Mayors, Commissioners, TU President Dr. D. Elliott Wreh-Wilson and Cabinet members, faculties and staffs, Tubman College -Tubman University Alumni Association, Harper District Representative and TU Board Secretary P. Mike Jury, Maritime Boss L. Eugene Nagbe, as well CRC/MOPP, Partners in Health, Civil Society Organizations, parents, amongst others.

During the program Tubman University President Prof. Dr. D. Elliott Wreh-Wilson gave the overview of the Academic Year 2020/21, highlighted achievements, and shared some of the challenges faced by his administration, and certificated the keynote speaker L. Eugene Nagbe and others individuals and institutions for their continuous support towards the growth and development of the University.

Meanwhile, the 8th Graduation Valedictorian Mr. James Pude from the College of Education, graduated with Magna Cum Laude.

He acknowledged the support from his parents towards his achievement, and inspired parents to strive and support their children in obtaining higher quality education to become useful citizens in the society.

“I am deeply honored today to be the Valedictorian of this class, thanks to God for His Grace, and I want to appreciate my parents for their countless support towards my education. I want to encourage all parents to strive and always invest into their children’s education and ensure that they become useful citizens to our country. On behalf our the class,  I want to say thanks to the Administration of Tubman University including faculties and staffs for their efforts towards us, we say thank you”. Said Valedictorian James Pude.

For his part, the keynote speaker L. Eugene Nagbe spoke on the theme “Developing Leaders for the Challenges of the 21th Century”

“We all should empower and encourage the young people, most especially those that are graduating today from this noble University and other Universities in Liberia for a better future. I trust the ability of these graduates, and others who have graduated from TU. If ten students from Tubman University are to sit with other students from high ranking Universities in the world, I am with the conviction the TU students will not fail. I trust your ability, and you need to uphold to your core value ” TU Aspires for Quality and Excellence,” Mr. Nagbe said. 

Mr. Nagbe announced that under the Cooperate and Social Responsibility of the Liberia Maritime Authority, the Valedictorian James Pude will be awarded a scholarship to pursue his Master Degree at any university of his choice in the world.

He said that, if the Government focuses and invests into quality education, the Country will progress and the ordinary citizens will realize the impact of education.

In conclusion of the ceremony, William V.S. Tubman University Vice President for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Mlen-Too Wesley thanked the gathering especially the Keynote Speaker for his deliberation and support to the University’s Valedictorian James Pude. He cautioned other students to keep their heads high.

William V.S. Tubman University 8th graduation convocation was held at the Tubman Pavilion on the main campus of TU Saturday, June 12, 2021, and the Master of Ceremony was Rev. Cyrus B. Tugbe, Coordinator, Access to College at TU.

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