Liberia: Town Burns Down in Grand Bassa County; Victims Send SOS Call

The town gutted fire on March 6, rendering several families homeless

Grand Bassa County – An entire town in District Four, Grand Bassa County is in turmoil after a fire gutted half its houses, leaving several hundred people homeless and their belongings destroyed.

Almost 20 homes were burned down to ashes in Zohn Town in Nyuwein administrative district, when a fire, which started from a farm nearby spread uncontrollably. A man had set his farmland, which he had earlier cultivated, ablaze on a sunny afternoon when the fire quickly began spreading to the town.

The town is struggling to deal with the fire disaster and the lawmaker of the district, who had made some interventions, says help is needed from the government and goodwill Liberians and foreigners.

Representative Vincent Willie of District Four is also calling on local and international NGOs in Liberia to help the fire victims which includes hundreds of children.

Families are without food and basic needs due to the fire incident

“Right now, they are all sleeping outside. We just started building tanks with thatches over it. So, we are calling on all Liberians to help with whatever they get,” Rep Willie told FrontPage Africa in Monrovia Monday.

Hon. Willie, who led a team from his office to make early interventions after the incident, said the fire victims are in desperate need of food and clothes.

According to him, some of the victims are currently residing with family members in other villages and towns.

“All the stock of food stored in their kitchens were all destroyed by the fire and it is very hard on them right now. They really need help,” he stressed.

The Grand Bassa lawmaker added that he is back in Monrovia seeking help for the victims. He also extended his appeal to President George Weah, Speaker Bhofal Chamber and Senate Pro Tempore Albert Chie to assist in whatever way they can.

“So,  I am currently in the city appealing to all well meaningful Liberians, NGO, government officials, the president and even our own speaker, and all friends of mine to get involved in helping our people because they lost everything” he noted According to Rep Willie, since the fire incident, the residents are currently living in tanks that were set up as a temporary home without proper food or shelters until help can arrival in term of zinc, clothes, food and other materials needed to restore their life.