Liberia: Thirty-Year-old Man Allegedly Rapes, Sodomizes a 13-Year-Old Girl on Multiple Occasions


MONROVIA – In less than a week after the death of a 13-year-old who was reportedly raped and sodomized by a 47-year-old man was reported, another case of a girl of the same age has come up – abducted, raped and sodomized, too.

The latter suspect has been identified as Osman Emmanuel Swary, a 30-year-old man who allegedly abducted the minor and repeatedly raped her.

According to the grandfather of the survivor, she had left home and could not be seen all day. The grandfather, he thought she was at her father’s house, but the father had informed him she had not been there throughout that Monday morning.

“I went around the neighborhood in search of her but I did not find her. She remained at wherever she slept the entire Tuesday and again returned to her father’s house by 10 p.m. Tuesday night. Her father had called to say she had gone to his house by 10 p.m., I told him to bring her home Wednesday morning because it was already late,” he said

Her grandfather told FrontPageAfrica that upon her return to his house, he quizzed her on her whereabouts and she told him she was with her aunt. He insisted on knowing the aunt so she took him to Jallah Town and pointed at several houses, making a fool of him, he said.

He then decided to take her to the Monrovia City Police the following day for their intervention in extracting information from her, but again, she failed to tell them where she had been.

“It was Thursday evening she told the officers it was our neighbor Osman, who had taken her to his friend’s house and slept with her over and over.  And when they asked her how did she use the toilet if she could not come out of the room, she said Osman carried a plastic bag into the room, where she urinated and toilet in because he did not want anybody to see her. And whenever he entered her, and she bled, he would use an old cloth to wipe off the blood and then enter her private part over and again. He even threw her bloodstained underpants away and bought her another one. According to her, it started since New Year day when Osman first did it to her,” he said  

He continued, “I am just sorry for Osman’s poor mother, because she and I are so close and she had even told me when I was in search of my granddaughter, that if I ever found the person who my grandchild was with, I should put that person in jail so they can die in jail. Not knowing it was going to turn out to be her son who is accused of doing the act,” he said

The old man said if his nephews had not brought the case to LNP, Women and Children, he would have compromised the case because of Osman mother’s sake, but right now, it is out of his hands because the child’s father said he wants the law to take its course if the alleged perpetrator is guilty.

The Uncle of the survivor said, when the old man called them, “he wanted us to compromise the case but he said we could not have allowed him to compromise such case, so it was how he called someone in the Gender Ministry and the person told him to report the case to the Women and Children and some officers arrested Osman. “

“According to my niece, Osman had threatened to kill her, if she had called his name, So, she could not tell her grandfather. If he is guilty, he should bear the penalty of the law, because rape is a crime,” he said.

The January 23rd medical report from the Redemption Hospital confirmed that the victim had been raped and sodomized.

The report reads as follows: “Hymen healed, tears seen at 3, 7 and 9: O clock as a result of penetration caused by blunt object. Anus section: more healed tears seen as a result of penetration caused by a blunt object. Survivor is depressed”.

“The medical report says the little girl was raped and sodomized by a 30-year-old man. I can say he nearly killed her because he locked her up in a room for days and had constant sexual activities with her. And she was even bleeding when we took her to the hospital,” said Jefferson Knight, Director for the Human Rights Monitor of the United Methodist Church.

He said he is observing a delay by the Liberia National Police in investigating the case because even with the medical report, the police have not forwarded the case to court.

“Just imagine they asked the parents of the survivor to pay U.S $30.00 for a call log. This so sad and wrong for the police to be taking money from these poor parents who are already traumatized over their child’s present state. We condemn this act and ask that the perpetrator be sent to court and charged in accordance of our law,” said Mr. Knight.