Liberia: The Global Outreach and Development, JNB Foundations Make Donation to Tappita Hospital


MONROVIA – The Global Outreach and Development Foundation, Inc. (GODF), in collaboration with the Joseph Nyuma Boakai Foundation has donated medical, sanitary, protective, and self-care resources to augment the current efforts by healthcare professionals at the Tappita Hospital.

The Global Outreach and Development Foundation is a US-based organization that provides charitable services to the citizens of the countries in which it operates.

GODF works in the area of mental health, agriculture, mentoring services and providing quality education and other services to children, especially underprivileged children at-risk population both locally and globally.

Mrs. Nohn Rebecca Kidau is president and Michael Geegbae Mueller is chairman, respectively of the foundation.

“COVID-19 or the coronavirus pandemic of 2019 has since spread to most countries in the world and is today responsible for the deaths of over 300,000 persons globally. In March of 2020, Liberia registered it index case and since then the number of cases has been rising steadily.”

According to the organization, the ministry of health has informed them that there are now more than 220 cases under observation with 20 deaths while a number of persons are being quarantined. The nation is in a state of emergency lockdown to prevent the spread of the disease.

“The Tappita Hospital is a major regional health facility serving a lot of people in Nimba and surrounding counties. Providers at the facility including; doctors and nurses are in need of essential medical, protective, sanitary and other self-care supplies.

“These people are the heroes who are sacrificing day and night to ensure that we and our family can sleep believing that the nation will survive this global pandemic. The global outreach and development foundation and JNB Foundation have pleaded to continue to work together with the hospital and other facilities helping communities around the country in the fight against the scourge.”