Liberia: Teenagers ‘Rape’ 68-Year-Old Woman


Monrovia – When Cecelia (not her real name) saw the three teens standing over her with knife and cutlasses she could not resist them from taking items she thought they came for.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson-Mbayo, bettie[email protected]

She said she instructed them to take whatever they wanted in the house due to the weapons they were carrying.

The 68-year-old expressed regret when the teens took phones and insisted on raping her.

She said it is a memory she would live with for the rest of her life. “These kids are like my grandson, I don’t expect them to do what they did.”

Cecelia commended the police for arresting the suspects. “I have nothing much to say but to tell the police thanks for arresting them.”

On Monday, the police forwarded 18-year-old Mohammed Kamara, a Guinean, and Emmanuel Liberty, 21, on the charge of armed robbery and gang rape.

Only two of the three were arrested on January 16, 2019.

According to the police, the victim was asleep along with her three children when the suspects entered her home.

Defendant Kamara and Liberty entered in the victim’s house with knives and cutlasses and put her under knifepoint and took away three Techno C’ phones and later raped her.

The defendants said they came from a place called Flower Park on the Samuel Kanyon Doe Boulevard and decided to go to one of their friend’s house to smoke when they were arrested by community residents accusing them of raping an old lady.

According to the duo, the phones they had were gotten through gambling.

One of the block leaders in Congo Town, George Toe Washington, said he received a phone call on the incident and when he went on the scene where the defendants were arrested.

Washington said Liberty told him that they were three who committed the act.

Liberty narrated that he warned Kamara and the other suspect who is on the run not to rape the woman but they insisted that they could not just take the phone.

The phones were later turned over to the police for the family.

Police established through the Duport Road clinic that the victim was diagnosed with a bruise and fresh perineal laceration.

The act by the defendants’ is in violation of section 14.70 of the new penal law of Liberia.