Liberia: Sweetz Finally Turns to US Police to Investigate DenG ‘Sexual Assault’


MONROVIA – The Brooklyn Park Police Department in the United States is now investigating a reported sexual assault case involving Liberian musician Daniel George alias DenG.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson-Mbayo, bettie[email protected]

According to Musulyn Myers, her sister is now undergoing investigation since the case was filed two weeks ago.

“Actions have been taken…So, at this point, there has been a police report that has been filed that is, legal route has been taken,” Myers, who is known by her stage name Sweetz, said. 

“This is something that was told to him. We said that if we ever hear about this particular thing again and we hear that he has done something to other women, we will come out and speak and we will go the legal route.” 

Though lots of Liberian artists have been mute however, artist, 2C alias Mr. Mechanic of Senegalese Star Akon Convict Recordz, expressed deep sorrow towards the ladies. 

He writes on social media: “Kadie Dickey Sweetz Musulyn Myers Menneh Menneh Gbalee Wia Togba Roda Starlet and many other victims who have experienced such thing I’m sorry of what happened to you guys. Stay strong and pay no attention to the negativities. GOD is on your side!

Daniel George if you did these allegations you need to step up and apologize to these women! “

Meanwhile, Prakash Bestman (Pochano), a member of Sammy Gray Gboguy’s team one of the presidential candidates in the Liberian Music Union pending election, has also condemned the alleged abuse.

“We straightly condemn all forms of abuse against our sisters and will hold anyone involved in such acts accountable to the fullest extent of the law regardless of who you may be. Under the Sammy Gray Gboguy administration, sexual abuse, harassment, or exploration is an important element under our artists welfare program and we shall work with relevant government agencies to make sure that perpetrators be brought to book without any fear nor favor,” Bestman added.

It can be recalled Sweetz complained of how DenG tried to rape her but she was saved when he noticed that she was menstruating.

In an interview with FPA, she said DenG is seen as a brother so when he went to the US, she wanted to hold talks with him on several issues, including the entertainment industry back home.

She recalled that both of them had never had any consensual sexual discussion and was surprised that he attempted abusing her.

“He and I been cool. We’ve known each other for long. I took him as a big brother. It had been mutual and nothing else,” she explained.

Several other young women have also accused DenG of sexually assaulting them before granting them collaboration.