Liberia: Sunu Assurances Joins Fight against COVID-19; Makes Donation to Health Ministry


Monrovia – Sunu Assurances has donated US$8,500 worth of face masks, detergents and sanitizers to the Ministry of Health to assist the government in the fight against coronavirus in the country.

Report by Christopher C. Walker, [email protected]

Presenting the materials to the Minister of Health, Dr. Wilhemina Jallah, Mr. Mathieu N’Katta, Managing Director and CEO of Sunu Assurances expressed satisfaction with the rigorous manner in which the government is fighting to ensure that transmission of the virus is cut.

He said his company was happy to compliment the efforts of the government and he hoped that the gesture would serve as a motivation to health workers who are at the frontline of the disease.

“Madam Minister, we want to thank your ministry for this opportunity that you gave us during this period of a pandemic that is called coronavirus we know that all the countries are almost affected,” Mr. N’Katta said.

According to him, SUNU Assurances is part of a group of companies with a presence in 14 countries and has been mandated to help in the fight against infectious disease in all countries of where they operate.

“We want to be part of this coronavirus fight today and tomorrow; if the country also needs our support we will be there to buttress the government’s efforts,” he said.

He told the reporters that the donation is crucial because the virus is affecting everybody and does not care about position or gender, therefore, there is a need to save lives. He called on Liberians to join hands collectively to defeat the deadly virus.

Mr. N’Katta stressed that his company is part of the French Business Club in Liberia that contributed US$10,000 worth of materials to communities last week. He added there is still a need to continue supporting the government and the communities.

“My massage to Liberians is this is real, it’s not a game; we need to respect the rules and take the preventions. During insurance in risk management, we say it is better to prevent rather than coming to resolve it.  So, it is better we respect all of the rules, so I want to urge all Liberians we should’ve known what is coronavirus  and how to prevent it,” he said.

He lamented that the presence of the virus in several countries has slowed down business for them. “We talking about the lockdown for our security which we understand is useful but you can’t do business while the disease is just doing its own business, so right now coronavirus is the king but we need to fight him so we can take over and start to do our normal businesses,” he added. 

Health Minister Jallah thanked SUNU Assurances for the thoughtful gesture. She also expressed delight that Liberians were following the health protocols established by the World Health Organization, the Health Ministry and the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL).

The health minister termed the donation as generous and promised to use it for the intended purpose “because many  health facilities are getting ready for the fight and it will go a long way mainly the cleaning solutions”.

“We want to thank you for joining this fight and being right by our side to do what we need to do and want to say thanks to all of the companies that joined to make Sunu Group of Companies and I’m happy that you have joined the fight along with Liberia,” she said.