Liberia: St. Paul’s Presbyterian School Dedicates Student Cafeteria Refurbished by American Donors

Pictures showing St. Paul’s Presbyterian School, the refurbished cafeteria and 9th graders having their first lunch in the cafeteria

MONROVIA – The Saint Paul’s Presbyterian School in Gardnersville Township on the Barnesville Road last week dedicated a refurbished cafeteria for its students and faculty members.

Funds to refurbish the cafeteria were provided by some American donor friends of Rev. Malia E. Harris, first principal of the school, who currently resides in California, United States. The donor friends include: Ms. Linda White, Ms. Virginia Whitelock, Ms. Charlotte Halicioglu, Ms. Jenifer McCain, Ms. Michelle Simon, Ms. Michelle Desjardins, Ms. Sharon Labbs and Thursday Women Bible Study.

Massa M. Sheriff, a 9th Grader student on behalf of the St. Paul’s School expressed thanks and appreciations to the donors. She said the students and parents were grateful to the American friends who have provided student’s breakfast and lunch.

“Indeed, we are very grateful to Mother Charlotte Halicioglu for paying our national examinations fees. This couldn’t have been possible without her intervention as most of our parents are not working and therefore couldn’t afford to pay the fees.”

Student Sheriff thanked Mother Linda White for supporting the renovation works and purchasing of a stove for the cafeteria. She expressed gratitude to Mother Virgina Whitelock for providing funds to buy the school’s generator and build a water tower.

The 9th Grade student also expressed appreciations to Mothers Jennifer McCain, Sharon Labbs, Michelle Desjardins and the Thursday Women Bible Study for providing food for the students, and also praying for the school and students.

The Acting Principal of St. Paul’s School, Mr. Sando J. Momolu, expressed gratitude to the American donor friends and Rev Harris for supporting the school. He said students and faculty of the school continue to anticipate their support.

Momolu also noted, “We are fully aware that each day and night you are constantly thinking on what to do for the children of Liberia. Every day you come up with suggestions on how to provide quality education for the students and improve teachers’ instructional conditions.”

Rev. Lester R. Lee, Senior Pastor of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, offered the dedication prayers for the cafeteria. He also prayed that the Lord Jesus Christ will continue to bless St. Paul’s students, the American donor friends and potential supporters of the school and Church in Liberia.