Liberia: Speaker Chambers Frowns On Ethnic Divisive Style Of Governance


MONROVIA – House Speaker Bhofal Chambers says ethnicity only divide a country rather than building and developing it. According to him, people who live their lives and do business base on ethnic connections only build barriers and fences.

Speaking to reporters at his Capitol Building offices, the Speaker said, taking into consideration the Rwandan experience, people should live together believing that they belong to a common cause with a common destiny.

 “People promote ethnicity thinking that their tribes should only be the ones to be catered to. By doing that, they build fences and barriers but if that is taken away, you know that everybody belongs to a common cause with a common destiny,” he said.

The Legislative delegation to Rwandan in their briefing to the press said, the visit was intended to strengthen relations with the Parliament of Rwanda.

The delegation left Liberia on September 8, 2021 to honor an invitation from the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Rt. Hon. Mukabalisa Donatille.

Addressing Legislative Reporters Wednesday, Speaker Chambers and Colleagues, Hon. Johnson Gwaikolo, Chairman on Rules Order and Administration and Hon. Matthew Zarzar, Chairman on Elections and Inauguration said at the Rwandan Parliament they held discussions aimed at strengthening relations between the two Parliaments.

Each member of the delegation spoke on their experiences while on the trip, first beginning with Hon. Zarzar who said the Rwanda Speaker Donatille recognized the cordial relationship between the government and people of both countries.

He said Speaker Donatille assured them (Liberian Delegation) that both Parliaments have shared insights into Legislative activities that can be of mutual benefits.

Hon. Johnson Gwaikolo averred that he was quick to observe that since the end of the conflict in Rwanda, progress has been made that is worth emulation; something he said the delegation takes very seriously.

Considering African oneness, Speaker Chambers pointed out that both Parliaments shared experiences and processes with one another in order to improve governance for efficiency and effectiveness for the benefit of the citizens.

Speaking further, Dr. Chambers noted with pleasure the vision of President Paul Kagame that is positively affecting the progress of Rwanda.

The Parliament of Rwanda consists of two chambers: The Senate The Chamber of Deputies Prior to 2003 the Parliament of Rwanda was unicameral.

Former names are Legislative Assembly, National Development Council and the Transitional National Assembly.

Seats: 106 members (80 and 26)

Houses: Chamber of Deputies; Senate

Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies: Donatille Mukabalisa.

While in Kigali the Liberian delegation also visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial where Speaker Chambers laid a wreath at the grave of some of those who lost their lives.

The Speaker in conclusion, said the Rwandan Speaker is happy to visit Liberia anytime soon for continuation of strengthening relations.