Liberia: Shello Memorial Dedicates New School Edifice


MONROVIA – The administration of Shello Memorial School in Duazon, Margibi County last Sunday, 18 August 2019 dedicated a new edifice and broke ground for the construction of additional annexes.

The dedication of the school annex which was occasioned by the 8th graduation of Shello Memorial School was done by Steve S. Howard, Head of the Corporate and Investment Banking at EcoBank Liberia.

In a brief statement, Mr Howard lauded the school’s proprietor, Augustine Fayiah for investing in the human resource development of Liberian youth.

He lauded the graduating class for their performance at the national exams and challenged them to pursue college education.

All the 39 candidates successfully passed the national exams. They were Shello Memorial School’s first batch of 12th graders to write the exam.   

“The only reason why I am here and I am able to talk freely is because of Education. With no disrespect to the farmers, if I had not gone through this process, I could have been a farmer in Foya, Lofa County. I want to encourage you to go to college and you must contribute to Liberia’s success,” he said. 

Mr. Howard also appreciated parents for sponsoring their children’s education and said “if your child gets education whether you are alive or not that child is prepared for life”.

He provided an initial contribution of US$300 toward the school project and assured that he will continually contribute to the construction work because according to him every child that gets educated at the facility has a promised future and will positively impact society.

For his part, People Unification Party (PUP) Acting Chairman, L. Moses Kiyean Kwehai, who served as keynote speaker thanked the graduates and challenged female graduates against raising families immediately after their graduation.

Mr. Kwehai said raising children would hinder the progress of female graduates.

On behalf of PUP, Mr. Kwehai provided scholarships to two students for their outstanding performances and promised that they will be kept on the program as long as they maintained their ranking at the school.

In brief remarks, Mr. Fayiah asked the graduates to build on what they have acquired by enrolling in higher institution of learning.

He told them “you are at an intersection of many paths leading to the end of life. Some of the paths are leading to the good fruits of life such as usefulness, prosperity, and good life while the others are leading to the bad fruits of life such as uselessness, poverty and destruction.”

According to Mr. Fayiah, the graduates have trump cards in their hands that can lead them to success and noted “the decision you will make hereafter will determine your getting the good fruits of life-your usefulness in the society.”

He used to the occasion to announced the commencement of a vocational school at the institution and called on residents, especially women to enroll into the program.