Liberia: Sheikh Kouyateh Describes US$15k Award for Information on Recent Killings as Showmanship; Wants Govt Empower the Police


MONROVIA – The CEO of the ‘Farifina Investment Group’ in Liberia has called on the government of Liberia through the Justice Ministry to increase the US 15k intended for credible information to support the Police force.

The Liberia National Police under the Weah’s administration according to him, is glaringly challenged when it comes  to the provision of much needed security for the citizenry.

“The police herself is not protected. She lacks the equipment to minimize the wave of crimes and mistrial killings in this country, adding “we must increase their budgets,” he stressed.

Kouyateh questioned  the decision to give out such huge amount of money when the security sector lacking behind with logistics.

Speaking in an interview with this paper, Monday November 8, 2021 the Farifina Investment Group CEO bemoaned the dispensation of justice.

His statement comes in the wake of the Joint Security meeting under the chairmanship of the Ministry of Justice which was scheduled to convene on yesterday November 9, 2021,  to review the general security situation in the country.

“I am not impressed by the government cash reward for people who will aid them with information surrounding the deaths of some of our prominent citizens,  for me,  this is just a showmanship; what about the  three young men who were working for the owner of the St. Moses funeral home,” he asked, stressing “aren’t they Liberians too.”

Kouyateh who is a former stalwart of the ruling  Coalition for Democratic Change claimed that such act is a unfortunate and total injustice to others who were reportedly murdered mysteriously in Liberia.

He is at the same time challenging President George Weah to muster the courage and ensure that the ordinary people are protected under his leadership.

“The government should now think twice and redirect that money to the Liberian National Police so that they (Police) , can become mobile to curb crimes.

However, there are reports of limited police presence in rural parts of Liberia due to low manpower and other logistical challenges facing the police force.

Recently government of Liberia announced a total of U.S. $15,000 (fifteen thousand United States dollars) cash reward for any useful and factual information that will lead to the arrest of the perpetrators of recent high profile murders in Monrovia.

The amount of US$5,000.00 (five rhousand United States dollars) is set aside for actionable information on each of the persons of interest.

It follows a  week the Ministry of Justice ordered post mortem examinations on the remains of  John Tubman, Maude Elliot and William R. Tolbert, III – who were all discovered dead in their homes – as part of a full scale investigation.

The Liberia National Police has named Christian Byron Anderson and William V.S, Anderson (also known as “Baby Shad”) as initial persons of interest to the investigation.

Members of the public according to the government release are  also encouraged to come to the Police headquarters, as their identities and rewards will be kept confidential.