Liberia: Senior Police Officer Accused Of Sexually Abusing A Junior Female Officer In His Central Office


MONROVIA – Investigation conducted by FrontPageAfrica has established that some senior police officers are conspiring to compromise a rape allegation levied against the Deputy Police Commissioner for Monrovia region, Unit 146, Josuah During.

According to our investigation, a female officer assigned at Zone 5, Depot 5 Turtle Base, was allegedly raped by Commissioner During on November 25, 2021 at his Central office .

Our investigation uncovered that the  female officer was at her assigned post on the above mentioned date, when Commissioner During called her over at his office at about 5:30 PM and kept her up until 8:30 which time he allegedly forcefully had sex with her.

An official complaint was filed with the Women and Children Protection section of the Liberia National Police (LNP) on the November 28 and with Professional Standards division of the LNP.

When contacted for comments via telephone, Deputy Commissioner During did not deny that there is a sexual assault complaint against him.

He said that since the the complaint was filed against him, he has voluteerirly decided  to stay away from from the office.

He further said  if the complainant insists on pursuing the case, he will put his legal team together to proceed to court.

He told FrontPageAfrica that he would later call to provide additional details, but he never called back since last Friday.

Our Investigation also revealed that the Women and Children Section is having difficulty in investigating the matter as Commissioner During is supposed to be disrobed and turned over for investigation which hasn’t been done.

However, Police Spokesman Moses Carter told FrontPageAfrica that Officer During was disrobed last Friday and has been subjected to investigation by the Professional Standard Unit of the police.

Also, there are reports that he and other top officials are appealing to the female officer to abandoned the case.

There are numerous reports from other female officers who wouldn’t succumb to the sexual demands of their male superiors are being demoted.

One of said females was in top rank as commander, but was demoted to superintendent when she turned down the sexual demands of one of her bosses.