Liberia: Senator Sando Johnson Backs-off from Council of Patriot’s July 24 Protest


Monrovia – Senator Sando Johnson of Bomi County, a strong critic of the George Weah administration, has disclosed that he is not supporting the pending July 24th protest by members of the Council of Patriots (COP). According to the Bomi County Senator, who is a member of the COP, his decision not to support is because “the timing is not right.” He, however, vowed not to do anything to thwart the process.

In a text message to Mr. Abraham Darius Dillon, a candidate in the pending by-elections for the seat of Montserrado County and a senior member of the COP, Senator Johnson said he will not form part of the planned protest.

In his text message, he also pledged his support to Dillon for the Montserrado County post, which was made vacant as a result of the death of Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff.

Dillon is the candidate supported by the four collaborating opposition political parties — Liberty Party, Unity Party, Alternative National Congress and All Liberty Party.

“I pledge my unflinching support to your senatorial bid. I have informed all executive and members of the COP that I would not support the July 24th, date for our next protest because in my mind it is not timing and vow not to do anything to undermine it, but will also not take responsibility for anything that might happen to the contrary before and thereafter.”

Senator Johnson was one of the brains behind the June 7 Protest. He along with other senators and opposition politicians mobilized hundreds of Liberians, who turned out on June 7, to express their dissatisfaction with the ruling administration.

COP’s recently announced that they will hold a second protest beginning the 24th of July and will continue until July 26. The planned July 24 protest follows series of other protest by Liberians, who are calling on the George Weah-led administration to uphold good governance. 

There have been series of other protests since the inception of Weah’s administration — the famous ‘Missing 16 Billion protest and the much-publicized June 7 protest by aggrieved citizens.  

At a press conference on Friday, July 12, the Chairperson of the Council of Patriots, Mr. Henry Pedro Costa, announced the COP’s plan to continue a nationwide protest beginning July 24 until all of their demands are met.

“Fellow Liberians, we can all see an unrepentant dictatorship on the rise and the emergence of the Weah Clan where every business, every contract is linked to President Weah and his cronies. This is unacceptable!” Costa said.

Today, we, the members of the Council of Patriots, announce a renewed and continued protest from Wednesday, July 24, until all of our demands are met. This will be a nation-wide protest covering all counties and a call to address all of the issues affecting our country. In announcing these actions, we renew our pledge to SAVE THE STATE and call on all Liberians and our international partners to join this long march to address the plight of our nation.”

He was joined at the press conference by some of his Council of Patriots’ members, including Montserrado County District #10 lawmaker, Representative Yekeh Kolubah.

Outside the press conference site, Rep. Kolubah told journalists that he would begin to travel to various counties to sensitize Liberians about the coming protest.