Liberia: Senator Coleman Admits Swallowing Bitter Pills to Confirm ‘Incompetent’ Presidential Nominees


MONROVIA – Grand Kru County Senator, Peter Coleman, says confirmation of presidential nominees for government positions are often not based on merits, rather on sympathy and influence.

Speaking Monday, July 8 during the confirmation hearing of former Senator Blamo Nelson, Ambassador-designate to Japan, Sen. Coleman said in many cases Senators have had to “swallow bitter pills to confirm nominees”. 

“Mr. Nominee, let me take this time to congratulate you for your preferment, you know many times we are coerced to swallow the bitter pills to accept some of the nominees who are average and some are not average,” he said during the confirmation. 

The Grand Kru Senator, who is Chairman of the Senate standing Committee on Health, Gender, Children and Social Protection praised Mr. Nelson who also is from Grand Kru County for his rich experience in government. 

The revelation from Senator Coleman comes days after the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency recommended to plenary to reject James Dennis, Timothy Thomas and Richard Dolley who were nominated as Board members on the Board of Governors of the Central Bank of Liberia. 

The Banking Committee defended that its recommendation is based on the lack of adequate institutional knowledge and the nominees’ failure to convince committee members of ability to help resuscitate the country’s declining economy. 

In his testimonies before the Committee on Foreign Relations headed by Maryland County Senator H. Dan Morias, Mr. Blamo Nelson noted that though he has no experience in diplomacy, his 40 years working experience in government and the private sector gives him an advantage.

During these years he said, he has worked along with many foreign partners for the growth and development of the country. 

Mr. Nelson a former Grand Kru County Senator, boasted of being one of the brains behind the Accra Peace Accord that paved the way for peace in Liberia and also one of the persons who brought about the formation of the Good Governance Commission and well as other instruments that led to the peace of the country. 

Following his testimonies, Senators in the room, including Senators Gbleh-bo Brown of Maryland County, Peter Coleman of Grand Kru and Dallas Gweh of RiverCess County praised the nominee for his rich experience and promised to vote for his confirmation.