Liberia: Ruling Party Warns GSM Companies against Sabotage


Monrovia – Mulbah Morlu, the Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change says despite the Government of Liberia’s desire to protect businesses and their investments, businesses, especially GSM companies, should operate in a way that would enhance the interest of the Liberian people.

GSM companies recently imposed a surcharge on calls and data causing many Liberians to complain about the current economic situation.

Speaking to the media Tuesday at the party headquarters in Congo Town, CDC Chairman said the party decries the breakdown of what he termed as dispute resolution mechanism between the Liberia Telecommunication Authority and GSM Companies, noting that it is that breakdown that led to litigation, which culminated in the recent Supreme Court ruling favoring the government.

“The CDC warns GSM Companies to refrain from collusion, which is a crime of economic sabotage. While we do not aim to dwell on the facts and details of the recent pronouncement by the GSM companies, the recent price changes announced by both companies have elements of collusion, which is punishable under Liberian law,” Chairman Morlu said.

“We remind the GSM companies that it is always the interest of the government of Liberia to protect businesses and their investments but to do so in a way that enhances the interest of the Liberian people.”

He called on the Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA) and GSM companies to resolve all disagreements in the soonest possible time to provide relief for Liberians.

Chairman Morlu also admonished the Liberia Telecommunication Authority to exercise what he termed as care and prudence when announcing policies that have implications for the ordinary people.

“It was this government that declared free public tuition and it is this government that is currently paying the WASSCE fees for high school students. It is this government that raised the income of more than 15,000 government employees some of whom were making as low as US$45 per month under the Unity Party administration. We advise the LTA to reflect these pro-poor attributes in its policy formulation process,” Morlu said.