Liberia: Ruling Party Chairman Describes District 15 Victory As ‘The Awakening of The Sleeping Giant’


Monrovia – The opposition candidate Abraham Darius Dillon defeated the ruling party’s candidate Paulita Wie by a wide margin to win Montserrado County in a by-election that wasn’t heavily contested. 

The results took the ruling establishment by surprise. To many political pundits, the result of that Senatorial by-election was a sign of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change’s (CDC) diminishing influence in the county they once considered to be a stronghold. 

Now with a conciliating victory in Montserrado’s District #15 by-election heavily contested by the four opposition collaborating political parties-backed candidate Telia Urey and the ruling Party candidate Abu Kamara, all may not be lost yet as the party hopes to re-calibrate its strategies for future national elections.

The first result of the election in the district was contested by Ms. Urey. This led to the National Elections Commission (NEC) taking cease of the matter and the Chief Hearing Officer of the National Elections Commission ruled for a re-run in 20 polling places, which questionable results.

In an interview with FrontPageAfrica, Mr. Mulbah Morlu, Chairman of CDC, said his party’s victory in the district didn’t come as a surprise.

Describing the CDC as a “sleeping giant awakened,” Chairman Morlu, said the victory is an indication that they are now awakened from their sleep. 

“We didn’t lose Montserrado because we’re unpopular; we lost because there were fundamental concerns of CDCians that are now being vigorously answered through strategic engagements with our noble people. 

“The massive D-15 victory has begun a new unstoppable momentum that will lead all the way to a victorious 2020 Senatorial midterm election. I can unquestionably say to you that the comeback has begun. The CDC may have lost a fight, but it’s now well on a revolutionary/victorious path to win the war; there’s no stopping now.”

Asked if as a result of the victory the party is reconsidering its decision in Grand Cape Mount County to field a candidate, he said the party is not having such consideration noting that the party’s withdrawal was not based on electoral weakness.

 “We are in a strategic re-evaluation and re-assessment process to prepare for the pending midterm Senatorial election & beyond. This isn’t unique to the CDC. Other political parties undertook similar strategic approach.

“We’ve a set of strategic, focused steps toward a vibrant & mightier party. We will not be distracted. Howbeit, those that are holders of what’s now being termed as a ‘vacation senatorial job’ have just been reminded and given a rude-awakening, a precursor of things to come,” he said not directly mentioning Senator Dillon, who is going to be re-contesting for the post in the 2020 Special Senatorial Election even though he will have been just a year and two months in the post. 

On Thursday, August 29, NEC officially declared Mr. Abu Bana Kamara winner of the process accumulating the highest votes from both July 29 and August 28 2019.

 “I am pleased, as Acting Chairman, on behalf of the Board of Commissioners, to report that all of the six precincts or 20 polling places in the Montserrado County District 15 re-run election have reported results and those results have been tallied. I therefore declare Abu Bana Kamara, having accumulated the highest votes from both the July 29 and August 28, 2019 polls, as the winner.”

According to the NEC, it has not received any complaint and announced that winner Kamara will be certificated on Monday, September 2, 2019 at 11am.” 

Ms. Urey, the candidate of the All Liberian Party (ALP) who was backed in the race by three other opposition political parties, conceded to Abu Kamara on Wednesday, August 28.

Urey accepted defeat after the records of the counts were posted at the 20 polling places where the re-run had taken place on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s rerun at the six polling precincts – comprising 20 polling places – was decided by the National Elections Commission after Ms. Urey protested results from the first round of polls.

Mr. Kamara had earlier taken exception to NEC’s decision. His party, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), also announced their dissatisfaction with the ruling and threatened to boycott the rerun.

But Kamara last week withdrew his challenge to the ruling and requested the Elections Commission to go ahead with the rerun.

Following the hotly contested re-run, which was preceded by several violent incidents, Ms. Urey took to Facebook at about 8:30 p.m to make her shocking announcement.

Wrote Urey: “Against so many odds and evil, we fought fiercely! Not for personal gains, but for a better district and a better Liberia.

“We may have lost this election, but we have won the confidence and trust of our people. Our fight will continue for the rest of our lives!

“To our supporters, we can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve put into this process. Our struggle for your lives to get better has just begun! You can always count on me to be there!

“I pray that the end of this election brings peace to the District! D-15, I love you!”

Urey’s acceptance of her failed result comes ahead of the official announcement by the NEC