Liberia: Ruling Coalition for Democratic Change Launches Empowerment Program for Partisans

Mulbah Morlu, Chairman, Coalition for Democratic Change

Monrovia – The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has launched a US$5 million financial assistance program for students and local market women, who are its partisans. 

Report by Henry Karmo, [email protected]

According to them, US$2 million of the five will go toward business empowerment while US$ 3 million will be used as financial aid for struggling students, who are members of the CDC.

As part of the launch, the party also dedicated 17 structures constructed at the party headquarters for local businesswomen. According to Mr. Mulbah Morlu, CDC Chairman, the project is the party’s way of empowering its members, who might not get government jobs.

Morlu believes empowering local partisans will reduce to some extent the employment pressure on the government. Chairman Morlu also used the occasion to plead with the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs to tell President George Weah, to remove those he (Mulbah) considered “reactionaries” from government and replace them with partisans of the CDC.

“The oppositions we met in power, are the problems for this government. They are causing problems for this regime. We show them love but they don’t love us.”

He encouraged partisans of the CDC to continue to exercise patients as the government solves the problem of “planted reactionaries” and warned that never again should they allow a repeat of what happened in the Montserrado Senatorial by-election.

The CDC lost their stronghold to Mr. Abraham Darius Dillon of the opposition in a by-election that replaced Senator Geraldine Doe- Sheriff who died as a result of prolonged illness. The CDC had maintained elections dominance in Montserrado County since 2005.

At the launch, Mr. Nathaniel McGill, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, challenged officials of government, who are partisans of CDC, to donate their one- month pay check to support a scholarship fund drive for students, who are partisans of the CDC.

Speaking at the launch of the fund drive, held at the headquarters of the CDC, Mr. McGill encouraged officials of the party to make “sacrifice” for the party that has provided them jobs that provide for their daily needs and their families.

Before becoming the Minister of State, McGill served as Chairman of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and the three-party coalition up the party election victory in 2017. 

“Mr. Chairman, please create a bank account that will be used for depositing our checks so people can know we are not taking government money to spend on CDC but our hard-earned salaries.

He challenged every Cabinet Minister to make to contribute a month’s salary. As a former chairman of the party, I am making sure to contribute four months’ salary to the process. We need to be serious to help the ordinary people in this party. The President cannot give everyone job.”

Minister of State, Nathaniel McGill

The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, also dedicated several mini business structures constructed by the party for local market women and launch a micro-finance business loan for partisans of the CDC. He then encouraged partisans to remain supportive of the government.

The student loan program is exclusively for partisans of the CDC to provide opportunity for struggling students from the 17 districts in Montserrado County and it’s a US$3 million dollars program according to Chairman Mulbah Morlu.

Meanwhile, the Representative-elect of District #15 in Montserrado County, has vowed to promote reconciliation in the district. According to him his team will begin effective work in the district to heal the wounds, which came as a result of the very tensed election campaign.

Mr. Kamara won his closest contender Ms. Telia Urey by a little over a thousand votes. Telia was a first-time contender and put out a surprising fight in the by-election to replace Representative Adolph Lawrence, who died as a result of a tragic motor accident on the Roberts-field highway.