Liberia: ‘Rode Economy Class But Went to See A Friend in Business Class’ – Sen. Dillon Provides Clarity on U.S. Trip


MONROVIA – After flaunting a picture of his presence in a business class cabin to announce his arrival in the United States of America, Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has clarified via a Facebook post that he rode on an economy ticket to the States.

Senator Dillon in the post stated that he had gone into the business class cabin to see a foreign friend. He also displayed a travel manifest to further prove he rode on an economy ticket and not business as being insinuated from his earlier picture.

On Thursday, Senator Dillon posted a picture of him in the business class carbine on the plane, with the note:


We have safely arrived in the USA. We will be in Washington DC tomorrow. Minnesota next! Watch out for the results from our visit! Special appreciation to “Friends of Dillon” & #MADDAS. Our God is GOOD!!

His post drew the ire of criticisms on social media. One of such critics is renowned Liberian economist and social media enthusiast, Samuel Jackson. He posted to Facebook:

Abe Darius Dillon. My dear friend and brother whom I love and cherish so much.

Your post on riding first class was arrogant and really hurtful to those like us who supported your quest to the Senate due to your human feelings and deep sense of humanity.

Riding first class when your country is so deep in the throes of poverty and with people dying from COVID-19 and gleefully announcing it on social media is an abomination.

Stop. You are better than that post. Take it down. Take the pictures down.

However, after several criticisms on social media and a subsequent publication by FrontPageAfrica on the trending topic, Senator Dillon again took to Facebook and among other things stated he flew on economy class but walked into the business class section to chat with a foreign friend. He further stated that he purchased his ticket with his ticket and not from government coffers. “I can use my personal earnings to choose to fly any section on a plane, but I always choose to spend judiciously and or to my own convenience as I feel necessary…”

Despite providing the clarity and providing screenshots of his ticket, some followers on social media argue the possibility of the screenshot of his ticket being photoshopped and further challenged him to show the receipts from the purchase from the airline agent.

The Montserrado County Senator has been in the vanguard of exposing corruption and wasteful spending in the Senate and by the government at large.

He was overwhelmingly elected to the Liberian Senate due to his stance on fighting corruption and bringing sanctity to the Liberian Senate – promising to be the light at the Capitol.