Liberia: Rev. Dennis Aggrey Elected As CRCA Presiding Bishop


MONROVIA – The Mission Director of the Christian Revival Church Association (CRCA) Rev. Dennis Aggrey has unanimously been elected Presiding Bishop of the Church.

Rev. Aggrey’s election followed the decision of the Board of Elders and Regional Coordinators of the CRCA at its Global Annual conference held recently.

According to the elders and regional coordinators of the Global Conference, their decision to elect Rev. Aggrey as Bishop over all CRCA branches  in and outside of Liberia is based on  his leadership capability  and performance  over the years since  he started  with the church.  The Board of Elders and Regional Coordinators of the church explained to the congregation  at the conference  that since June 2019, the position  of presiding bishop  of the CRCA  as vacant for senior ranking officials of the church to apply for but no one ever applied.

They noted that after thoroughly evaluating the leadership star of Rev. Aggrey hen he served  as head   of  all CRCA branches  West  Africa, they were convinced  that he has the ability of moving  CRCA  forward to other nations in the world.

The Board of Elders and Regional Coordinators also indicated that as head of mission of the Church, Rev.  ensured lots of improvement in every segment of the association.

Receiving the honor bestowed upon him, the Bishop-elect thanked the Board of Elders and regional coordinators for the new portfolio   which great responsibility to his previous  duty. 

According to Rev. Aggrey, when he and his family were informed by members of the board of elders and members of the Regional coordinators of the church, he was surprise of said information because expecting it.

 He told CRCA members at the conference that his focus as God child is implementing the Great Commission.

At the Global conference, several pastors and deacons were inducted into  office by the Bishop-elect.  

The conference brought together hundreds of CRCA members from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.              

 The just-ended CRCA Global annual conference was held under the theme: “Time to Glorify God’’.

 Christian Revival Church Association (CRCA)  Global conference took place at the CRCA newly constructed building in Jungle Farm, District#1  Margibe County.