Liberia Returnee Network Launches “Home Back Home” Campaign for Liberians Living on Refugee Camps in Nearby Countries

Emmanuel Marshall, Executive Director of the Liberia Returnee Network, along with others in picture as they participate in the fundraising rally

Monrovia – The Liberia Returnee Network (LRN), a group of former refugees that seeks the welfare of Liberian refugees, has launched a “Home Back Home” campaign to repatriate Liberians that are still living in refugee camps in nearby countries.

The event started with a parade from the Monrovia City Hall through the principal streets of Monrovia before ending up at the Destiny Entertainment Center on the Capitol By-Pass.  

It was an eye-catching event before the launch of the initiative as many comedians and entertainers performed. They enlightened the minds of Liberians home and abroad to support the coming back of their brothers and sisters that are languishing in refugee camps in nearby countries.

Serving as Chief Launcher of the “Home Back Home” campaign, the former Superintendent of Nimba County Madam Chris Dakadu stressed the need for Liberians living in refugee camps to come back home.

The former Superintendent of Nimba County, however, called on Liberians both home and abroad to contribute to the campaign that will alleviate the suffering that Liberians are going through in refugee camps in neighboring countries.

“It is important when we unite because we can do a lot of things,” Madam Dakadu said.

Also in attendance were Madam Maria Morgan Luyken, the Founder and CEO of the West Africa Children Support Network.

According to Madam Luyken, she was glad to see Liberians coming together to support something she says is worthy cause. Madam Luyken called on refugees living in camps to find reason and come back home and contribute to their country.

“It’s the first time I have seen Liberians coming together for a cause. For too long Liberians have been pulling each other down. To our brothers and sisters in refugee camps, come let’s do it together, come let’s suffer together and when the good time comes we will enjoy it together,” Madam Luyken said.

Mr. Emmanuel Marshall is the Executive Director of the Liberia Returnee Network. He and his team recently visited the Laine Refugee Camp in Guinea to ascertain the condition of the Refugee.

Like the Laine Refugee Camp in Guinea, the Liberia Returnee Network has been at the Buduburan Refugee Camp in Ghana and was able to negotiate with the Ghanaian Government over the extension of the deadline for the demolition of the Buduburan Refugee Camp in Ghana.

According to him, the ‘Home Back Home’ campaign should be seen as a way of serving humanity and not as being heroes. He said, it is aimed at bringing to light the forgotten people and to correct the mistakes of the past and present leaders of Liberia.

He called on refugees not to worry about their coming back home as his team has been blessed with several buses to bring back those living in refugee camps safely.

Also, the Liberia Returnee Network, through its efforts has purchased a 10-acres land space in Bomi County and construction works for housing units for the returnees are currently ongoing.