Liberia: Representative Yekeh Kolubah Resigns from COP


Monrovia – The Representative of Montserrado County District #10 Yekeh Kolubah has resigned from the Council of Patriot (COP) as he cites unilateral decisions within the pressure group.

The Council of Patriots was established in April 2019 as a pro-democracy activism grassroots movement to hold the government of Liberia accountable to the Liberian people; and demand social and economic justice for all through peaceful, non-violent constructive agitation.

The pressure group is the mixture of individuals mostly from the leading opposition block the Collaboration of Political Parties (CPP).

The group led by its chairman Henry Costa has staged several protests including the famous “June 7 protest” against the George Weah-led government.

For the past two years, the Montserrado County District #10 Representative Kolubah as an executive member has been part of many of the protests staged by the Council of Patriot.

Despite his involvement over the time, the Montserrado County District #10 Representative in his resignation letter stated that the leadership of the COP has been shifted from nation issues to issues of what he termed as personal gains.

According to Rep. Koluba, decisions taken in the pressure group have been done unilaterally.

“This group was established from diverse backgrounds, most of whom from political parties. But a year and a half, the COP has been failing for what has been referred to as a one man show, personal driven issues have been more than national issues, attacks on members of parties’ leaders,” Representative Koluba’s letter stated.

The Montserrado County Lawmaker stated those actions have driven away membership of the Council of Patriot. He added that the pressure in the COP has been lost.

“The morale of the COP in 2019 had failed because of an administrative problem which is a lack of consultation for decisions to be made in the organization,” the Montserrado County District #10 Lawmaker stated.

Representative Koluba added: “In view of the above mentioned, as an executive member of the COP herewith tender in my resignation as member of the COP as of the date herein inscribe.

Representative Koluba appreciated the pressure group for the time he spent within the organization and at the same time cautioned the group to correct all of their wrongs in the organization in order for the group to regain its lost image.