Liberia: Rep. Dennis Condemns Denial of Lawmaker’s Wife Rights to Travel


Monrovia – Montserrado County’s District #4 Representative Rostonlyn Dennis has condemned and termed as witch-hunt Saturday, July 13th incident involving the stopping the wife and children of Representative Yekeh Kolubah from travelling outside Liberia. Mrs. Kolubah’s family was stopped by immigration officers assign at the Roberts International Airport (RIA).

At a news conference Monday, July 15, the Montserrado District #4 lawmaker also accused the Executive Branch of government of violating the rights of the wife and that of “innocent” kids. According to her, the trauma experienced by the kids due to the action of government is unfortunate and warned against transferred aggression.

“The government is becoming unbecoming when it comes to this Yekeh Kolubah issue. I personally feel that the rights of his wife were violated and especially those of the innocent kids. It is unfair that our kids and family members will be punished for the stance we take on Capitol Hill on national issues. It was pathetic to see those innocent children had to pay for witch-hunt.

“If the government’s intent was to prevent child trafficking why did they give the children to the suspected child traffickers? Where are the children? Has government taken them to verify whether these kids are that of the lawmaker and his wife? Why gave them back to the suspected traffickers? I want to condemn this. It’s a signed of witch-hunt and that should not be the order of the day.”

Rep. Dennis vowed not to be quiet about the Saturday incident; adding:  “I think that was an error on the part of the government and they should be condemned for that.”

It is yet not clear why officers of the Liberia Immigration Services (LIS) barred the lawmaker’s family from leaving the country. Rep. categorically stated that it was on orders of President George Weah.

Speaking to reporters at their Old Road Community residence on Saturday after she and her kids had returned to Monrovia from the airport, Mrs. Georgetta Kolubah told reporters that she and her six children were traveling to Ghana for vacation as they have usually done; their passports were stamped and boarding passes were served, according to her.

She said, it was when she was about to leave the terminal for the plane that immigration officers called her back, requesting her passport and that of her children.

The immigration asked her to provide an exit clearance since she was traveling with many children.

According to her, she had frequently traveled with all the children through the RIA without anyone asking her for clearance, something that prompted her to call her husband, Rep. Kolubah who drove to the RIA to intervene but to no avail.

She alleged that all her luggage including that of the children and food of her six-month-old twins were confiscated by the immigration officers. Their passports were seized, too, according to her.

“Last year, my husband and I, we traveled to Lebanon with these children, at that time I was pregnant. When I came back, December (2018) I took my children to Nigeria, you didn’t request for this, why now? 

She told reporters she believes that she and her children were deliberately stopped from traveling because of her husband’s critical stance against the government.

Meanwhile the passports of the lawmaker’s wife and children have been returned. They were returned on Monday afternoon through the lawmaker’s lawyer.