Liberia: Rep. Acarous Gray Says Lawmakers Including Sen. Darius Dillon Received Another US$30k, But Sen. Dillon Denies


Monrovia – Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, who rose steeply to popularity in Liberia and gained public respect as a result of his actions and messages on “accountability” has again come under the spotlight for allegedly receiving $30,000 United States Dollars for “legislative projects”.

But Dillon has, however, denied receiving any money.

Taking to social media Facebook Wednesday to explain his “innocence”, the Liberty Party senator posted in a Liberian parlance.”So, “they say” I received another “30K” and even “took Bank Loan” this year for government to pay it back?  And here me here broke like this? Da wehplay this “30K” eh so? At the Senate? Your please show me yaa. Maybe I should go collect it once and for all ehn? Your trying too hard mehn!”

In a live podcast on Spoon TV, Montserrado County District #8 lawmaker and an elite member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Moses Acarus Gray, insisted that Senator Dillon, along with every member of the Liberian Legislature, received $30,000 each during their last sitting.

“It’s time for Senator Dillon to admit to Liberians that he received yet another $30.000 because he processes to be the “Light” of the Liberian Senate. It’s time for people to be sincere to those who elected them rather than pretending to be a “saint”, Rep. Gray said.

“Every member of the House of Representatives and the Liberian Senate has received $30, 000. This is the second time in five years we have received this money. Our accounts were credited and I challenged any legislator, whether a senator or representative, to deny this.”

Rep. Gray labelled Senator Dillon a ‘fraud’ and a bad example of a public servant who preys on the ignorance of his followers. 

Dillon has been a big critic against members of National Legislature receiving additional benefits for performing their duties has.

When he canvassed to get elected, the Liberian politician called for a reduction in salary and other waste by public officials but has since seen himself walloped in the same.

Last year, the Montserrado lawmaker was again caught in a 15,000 USD given him and other lawmakers for what the budget line called ‘Legislative Engagement.’ Weeks before he had bought himself an over 20, 000 Infinity, second lucrative vehicle in a year since he ascended to the Senate post.

Dillon said on the campaign, he will take nothing more than five thousand USD while as Senator to enable other crucial national issues taken care of.